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How tf do people play LoL?

| The controls are sooo difficult to get used to. I absolutely suck at point and click type movement. Plus how do you kite and attack at the same time?? Any tips?

| 1. Controls are completely fine, feels more familiar if you've played RTS and/or Diablo-like games before.
2. Sucking at point and click movement is your problem alone, just git gud.
3. See point #2, you just have to practice kiting.

| What >>675241 said. But I would advise against getting into it. You may stop sucking at LoL, but LoL will never stop sucking the life out of ya.

| >>675247 this is very true. Even tho I stopped playing a couple years ago My friends still invite me to play it for a few games and I cant resist. Its fucked up

| I only played mobile legends on my phone but I found LoL pretty similar so I got used to it quick though I haven't played long. Now DotA that shit feels off.

| >>675481 DotA is love, dota is life. If league is like riding with training wheels, then dota is like flying a F-104.

| >>675482 I tried DotA and it feels less interesting with hella long matches and overly complicated characters.

>>675247 I've played a lot MOBA on mobile so I'm used to the toxicity lol

| >>675241 I've played so mamy vs AI matches and I don't find myself becoming better at all sadly and when I go PvP o get trashtalked.

| Well, DotA is way more complex than league is. Like... a lot. That's what I've been trying to say comparing an F-104 with training wheels on your bike. I played both league and DotA for quite a long time, then I had to decide. DotA it is. ^^

If you'd really wanna get into it, learn what which hero does. And then watch some basic guides om youtube for the role you're going to play. I'd recommend playing Pos5 first.

| Why I choose DotA over LoL? The community is less toxic. Like seriously. Not a lot but still a bit. The complexity is fun af, have been playing for 2k hours now (since 2012) and I'm still learning things with every game I play!

| only fags play lol


| last guys right, only fags play lol. that said i cant stop playing lol

| They don't, just say fuck a lot, maybe show cleavage, wait to get banned, repeat

| >>675803 "Toxicity" really isn't the problem. Hell, it's the fun part. I was talking about this ->>675271

| >>676638
Toxicity is the "fun" part? Yeah, maybe if you're a toxic POS yourself. Otherwise, not really.

| >>676638 Yo, you toxic fuck, lol. Reported!

| >>676654 Yeah, true. I do enjoy seeing teammates barking at each other and I may occasionally add some fuel to the fire. But, you know, a lot of those people are fucking tired after work or school. They are waiting for a reason to flame - and I'm happy to provide that. You are not? Mute them. Leave the match if they are ruining. Whatever, it's a game.
That does not apply to competetive, though. But playing comp without a full team is a fool's errand.
So - don't see a problem.

| Honestly just play more and the controls will naturally come to you. If you got some friends to play league with go for it. Also if you're playing some of the more mechanically advanced champs you more wanna cut back and play an easier champ.

| Seriously don't play LOL at least play dota or smite if you are wanting to play a moba

| >>676884 I played Smite. My region is hella dead, have to wait so long for a match up. DotA is way too complicated for my liking and I am not into playing 1h matches.

>>676756 I've legit played over 50 vs AI matches. I have not gotten used to the controls. I feel like the game's just not for me.

| I'd rather get cancer than play LoL.

| >>768edb Alright besides the controls feeling like shit, do you enjoy playing League? If not then I'd probably recommend dropping it. On the other hand if you do enjoy it a bit, what role do you want to play and what champs are you playing?

| >>f3163c I really enjoy it. I like the characters as well. It's much more easier to understand than DotA. Before LoL my only MOBA experience was on mobile. I like ADCs, Supports and Mages the most. So mid or bot laners.

| I am curious - what exactly do you find hard to understand in DotA?
If anything I think that necessary information is presented better in the latter and gameplay is very similar - but that's me.

| Not OP but denying creeps/tower/heroes, way more active items, high and low ground, no jungle role (anymore), sicker powerspikes and spells. (take DK stun for example, suuuuper long duration compared to all stuns in lol) TP-ing, more russian, almost no french. xD

| Oh, and the main menu UI suck.

| *sucks

| I guess you are right, but while all of the things you've mentioned are important - they aren't exactly hard to grasp.
Well, aside from denying, but this is a motor skill. Comes with practice.

| Have you played LoL before? Like... before playing dota? I did. And man, as I mentioned before. If lol is riding your bike with training wheels, dota is like flying a F-104. Way more things you gotta look at while laning. Last hitting is harder because of aggro pulling and stuff, denies, more cancerous heroes in general (yeah, I'm talking about you, phantom cancer), stronger supports. It just feels hard and super complex, compared to lol. Btw, that's the reason I switched to DotA.

| Ofc those things aren't hard to grasp, but there sure is a lot to look out for. (Runes, side pulls, specific heroes like WD who can solo almost anyone at lvl 6 if they've got no stun, trees make things much harder too.)

| Nah, I've started with DotA. And ended it with DotA too - LoL never really stuck with me, maybe that's why. You've got a point.
But nowadays you don't even need to think about items - you just plug in one of those fancy guides. Buy things in yellow boxes, upgrade abilities in yellow boxes, hit bad men with yer hand. Run if they are hitting you. That's all you need to start. Everything else comes naturally with experience. There is a lot to learn - but not at once.

| And if you know what a "ward" is - you've practically already won most games at lower mmr.

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