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Western RPG on Switch?

| Am in the mood for western RPG but the only console I can play on is the Switch. Anyone got recommendation? Was going to get Divinity OS2, but it's a bit pricey, so I want to keep my options open first.

| Divinity OS2 is amazing, though. And Switch games are pricey in general. So it's probably your best bet.

| The Banner Saga trilogy. It's a viking fantasy RPG where you alternate between grid-based tactical battles, managing your caravan's supplies & members for survival, and choosing story options that will affect your party members and plot. Those choices carry over between games.

Just make sure you have enough memory space to install the trilogy!

| Witcher 3 maybe? everyone knows that rpg are hoax and that exists just jrpgs...xd

| +1 for DOS 2.

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The Banner Saga is sick! I stopped playing it during the first one because I kinda fucked up and got all my people hurt and had no resources left, but, it's an amazing game, and I really wanna buy the trilogy on Switch.

| Dark Souls, TW3, Divinity, Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen.

Switch games are generally pricey. Although none of these except for TW3 is 60 bucks.

| Huuh, Dragon's Dogma is on discount, down to 15 USD. I'm not a fan of action combat, though. And I'm looking for worldbuilding and story, which, looking from the description, isn't really there?

I've been eyeing The Banner Saga for a while. There's even physical copy of the full trilogy for cheaper than DOS2. Hmmmm.

TW3's expensive, and I haven't had good experience with AAA games lately, so probably not.


| >>674960 this

| Divinity is totally worth it, especially if you have a friend or three who are willing to play through a campaign.

| Divinity 2 also has great replay value and it's like 60h-70h for one playtrough. It's a lot of game for the money even if it's $50+.

| >>675236 Dragons Dogma has a fascinating philosophical story and lore but it's not explored well
But the combat alone is one of the best in an action RPG ever. It's beyond amazing.

| >>675461 is this why I'm not enjoy Divinity? I don't have a friend who plays it and I play single player and it's just not fun at all so far.

| >>675461
I don't have friends to play it with unfortunately.

Oh hey mind telling why you don't like it? I keep hearing praises so it's good to get other perspectives.

And I know I said TW3 is probably not, but I just realised a physical copy of it is much cheaper than DOS2 (which is digital only). And I have a friend who have played it so we can discuss things.

Anyone played TW3 on Switch can tell me if it's a good port or nah?

| >>675566 for one the isometric view based combat feels clunky on consoles. Maybe it's better on PC but on Switch I feel like I'm not being fast enough with my actions. Secondly, the story feels uninteresting as a whole and the game doesn't do a lot of lore building for you to invest in it. At least that's what I'm finding so far. Like I've played it for hours and I still don't understand the story because the narrative feels lacking.

Maybe I'll like it with a friend.

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What do you mean it makes you feel like you're not being fast enough in combat? It's a turn based game. Take the time you need, dude.

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