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Va11halla saisei

| Out when?

| Yes.

| When the lobster is going to whistle on the hill.

| It'll be out when it's finished

| I've just discovered that they're actually doing making another game, thanks~

Funny, because I started playing va-11 hall-a on the 27th of June (I'm done by now and oh boy that was a masterpiece)

| >>675836 Now you get Va-11 hall-a KIDS, a spin-off made for April fool's, where the characters are in high school. Saisei's the sequel to that one.

| Also it's free

| Or you could pay them any amount you wish. (protip: paying them keeps the devs alive)

| >>675969
I finished the original Va-11 hall-a yesterday and I've had such a bang: Great story, great writing and great characters.
It's nice to see that the devs are still active and there is more released content. The game itself is dirt cheap and everything else is basically free.
They deserve donations.

| >>e0cce9 give the devs more money or we will riot

| >>676460 nice try sukeban CEO

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This thread is permanently archived