playing games as a serious hobby

| what is a hobby if it's not an intense competition of who can be the most well-versed of one particular subject amirite? I've been playing videogames for over 6 hours a day now, but I'm still feeling blind about the gaming culture as a whole. please give me enlightenment, o old masters

| jesus man take a break

| A hobby is a regular activity done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay.

| Jesus man take a break

| You sound like a try hard who only plays multitplayer

| Jesus did take a break, and now he is back to send them to Gamer Haven.

| I sugest playing more si gle player stuff

| >>674569 buy I mostly played RPGs :sadface:

| Replied to the wrong message >>674565

| >>cfd0b2 well sorry then, its cuz people who say stuff like that usually play a bunch of multiplayer games but refuse to have any player experience, wich rpgz do you like

| Hobbies don't necessarily have to be competitive, ya know. Besides, do you really want to hear someone in a knitting club tell you they fucked your mum?

| >>674792 I'm currently enjoying the bravely series, dragon quest XI, and persona 5! been thinking of getting into FF since it's popular but I can't seem to find a consensus on which game is "best", but maybe 7 or 9? I'm just being picky because I have a neverending backlog x(

| >>674803 I don't think mom fucking is a legitimate way to measure someone's knitting skill. besides I don't decide whom my mom should or shouldn't fuck. She's a much more grown up than me and can lead her life however she wants.

| >>674843
Bravely Default is the best FF, don't @ me.

| If you want to be well versed in gaming, you should try playing games from different genres, studios, and funding levels. I'd recommend playing some older AAA shooters, somtething competitive with a high skill cap, and indie games if you want a diverse experience.

| Emulators also help

| Gaming culture can be super toxic, reactionary and gatekeepy, if you want to immerse yourself in a culture gaming culture should be near the bottom of your list

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