Video game quotes

| Give your faves.
"Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer"
"All that isn't saved will be lost"
"Try tongue but hole"

| !!fire!!

| Time to mix drinks and change lives.

| You are gonna crash aaah

| You can't fuck puppies, or at least you shouldn't

| "I have chortles" and any fawful dialog since his way of talking is pure gold

| "Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!"

| Die monster... You don't belong in this world...

| "Woah" - Crash Bandicoot in Crash Bandicoot

| Roadaaa roooraara!! Does it count if its an anime game?

| "Psychic powers" - Luis, RE4

| "I said my sword is a tool of justice. Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. Now I'm not sure sure... And besides. THIS ISN'T MY SWORD." - Raiden, Metal Gear Rising

| Woah looking cool joker!

| It's like in my japanese animes!

| I have sacrificed everything to find Avery's treasure. And I’m not gonna let a couple of two bit thieves, a senile con man, and a washed up journalist take that away from me!

| "Now come, Samurai. Put on a good show."

| >>674164 based Luis poster

| You keep jumping from one side of the fence to the other, you might just get impaled on it.

| Hey you....
You're finally awake.

| >>674327 classic, right beside" I used to be an adventure like you but then I took an arrow to the knee"

| No u

| 8


| "What a shame."

| "Where is that damn fouth chaos emerald!" Shadoy de edgyhog

| "I hate Canada"-Francis L4D.

| 8


| You're pretty good.
V has come to.

| You'll pet me sooner or later.
They all do.

| "Where's everyone going? Bingo? - Leon, RE4

| I've been dead for thirty years...

today is the day that I live!

| "Wheres my dragonator!?"
And also "its only been 40 years"

| "Why do I live in such a pissant town?"

| "HESITATION IS DEFEAT" -Glock Saint Isshin

| "Might as well shoot yourself now and save us the trouble."

| >>674141

It is not by MY hand that I am ONCE AGAIN given FLESH.

I was called here by HUUUUUMANS who wished to pay ME *TRIBUTE*.

| >>675178
Tribute? You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!

| They played us like a damn fiddle!

| So...how's it taste

| Also

"This is my ascension"
"Ada, wait!"
"Nanomachines, son"

I noticed you haven't shot me in the face yet. Curious as to why! Perhaps your weighing the moral pros and cons of this situation, but let me assure you OH GOD JUST SHOOT ME IN THE FACE" -BL2

Also, let's spice it up: you may now add hentai game quotes here. (but please cite the source. You know, for "research")

| Hand it over, that thing, your dark soul

| >>675204

Perhaps the same can be said of ALL religions.

| >>675100

| >>675676 Your words are as EMPTY as your SOUL. Mankind ill-needs a SAVIOR such as you!

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