| Tbh, it's the second coming of Jesus.

| Tbh... have you seen actual gameplay? Seems very unfinished to me.

| Imagine what cyberpunk games we’ll be playing in 2077

| I don't even care

| looks shit tbh

| Yeah, close combat looks like shit tho

| Skyrim had all of those problems and we played it for hundreds of hours. We will do the same with Cyberpunk elder scrolls.

| >>673922 Skyrim is a pretty low bar, it's a buggy mess.

| aww, i cant play it

| Stop hyping this up, the release is at the end of the year.

| >>673922 didn't play skyrim, will do the same with cyberpunk

| If only you knew how bad things really are.

| >>674004

| >>674140 Empty streets, dank combat, meh atmosphere overall?

| >>674143
Eh, that's it? He made it sound like it's a disaster.

The shooter mechanics is fine. Only the melee combat looks a bit stale.

And what's wrong with the atmosphere anyway? I like the nightime scenes and nightclubs.

| Don't buy into hype or you'll end up surly like these guys
>>59520b >>c5aa77 >>e45071 >>696186 >>9d4089 >>47a332 >>724c1a

| I can't think of 1 game where first person melee is done right. It's as what I expected. People deluded themselves into believing the melee combat would be amazing. Stupid if you ask me. Other tuan that everything looked fine. The player who played the demo just sucked.

| >>674367 this. It's first person melee. Wtf were people expecting??

| >>674390 ooo samefagging busteeeed

| >>2662a3
Haha what?

| >>674367
I think the first Zeno Clash and Mirrors Edge games has first person melee done right. But then again that's kinda 50% of the gameplay so it makes sense they polished it.

| >>674397 nice catch.

| >>674390 >>674397 desperate for supporters lol. It's okay, I'll support you anon. t(^-^t)

| Just wanna see the esquerdo and certo brothers fighting, the translation og their names makes their characters so much more interesting

| >>674367 >>674390


| That said, I saw a gameplay vid myself and I didn't think it was that bad? Or bad at all- it was mostly minor visual glitches and some animation smoothing issues with the fistfighting. Japanese corper's voice also needs some audio balancing.

Otherwise, I feel like they could have released this on the original date and it would have been fine. Not perfect, not groundbreaking, but what it set out to do- a cyberpunk action rpg.

| I'm worried that it will be cyberpunk window dressing on a game that doesn't really actually have commentary about how destructive technology can be, just 'wow cool future car'. I'm not expecting much more, though.

| >>674993
Does the original Cyberpunk RPGs have a lot of commentary about how destructive technology can be? I wouldn't know since I never played them.

I'm hoping the game will be loaded with references to various cyberpunk works and literature. Like Snowcrash for example. There are several scenes in that book that I wouldn't mind playing in a videogame.
There was a Futurama reference in the first gameplay trailer so I'm kinda hopeful.

| yo imagine there's a bar there and you know where I'm going with this

| >>675828
I wish lol

Either way, the game looks good. Exploring such a big and interesting world with lots of different interactions and game mechanics is enough for me

| >>675039 >Does the original Cyberpunk RPGs have a lot of commentary about how destructive technology can be? I wouldn't know since I never played them.

I haven't either, but I assume it depends mostly on who runs the game.


| >>676179
Well, that's true but I was wondering if it was a common concept in the rulebooks.

| It probably won't be the second coming of Geralt, but it should be the first coming of Keanu. First gameplay presentation I saw was sick. Haven't watched the rest to not spoil too much.

| >>676984
Sadly some of the stuff from the first gameplay demo like walljumping isn't in the game anymore.

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