Games you play to destress?

| depends on why I'm stressed, I either play cute stuff like animal crossing or something like borderlands to blow heads off. What about y'all?

| Games don't destress me, but when I'm too stressed to play other games I just play either Paladins on pc or Bleeding Edge on xbox.

| Brutal doom
Cmr 04/05 plus

| Quake Live with bots is really really fun. I wouldn't really buy it though on steam... If you already downloaded it while it was free you can redownload it. Otherwise I'd say maybe WarFork?

I also really enjoying playing Assetto Corsa with the Shutoko Highway project mod (free roam on japan's most notorious highway!)

| fighting games

| I like Dead Cells and Hyper Light Drifter. Just mindlessly be really good at twitchy action combat.

Ah but when it's the kind of stress where I can't play action games I'll probably play Breath of the Wild or Animal Crossing... or Skyrim

| Shooter games like q3a with bots, sometime online edf5 and battlefield 4 work just fine to numb my brain.
Strategy games like C&C and heroes 3 are really nice too.

| Picross works fairly well for me, 3D one especially.
Or some simple-ish twitchy 2D shooter like Nuclear Throne.

| Factorio. Yeah, I am trading one kind of a stress for another, but real life fades away fast with this game

| This might seem a little weird, but I really like to play PopCap games. Stuff like Peggle and Bejeweled just feel right. When I'm playing those games it's like, "Yeah.. This is good. This is what I should be doing right now."

| i can't really play games to destress anymore. At one point it was flash games like some above anons mentioned. But my favorite computer games are pretty much stress inducers. first world problems i guess.

...to be fair, i don't get stressed out playing some nintendo switch stuff, like animal crossing and pokemon. probably because they aren't geared to be "MLG" and the interactive component with other players isn't *that* competitive (even account for pokemon battles).

| naturally, this doesn't go for Smash. Even single player Smash is stress inducing.

| >>674215
I actually play Smash to relax! Before bed even! I just use my comfort zone character, fight some low-level AI, and then it leaves me satisfied enough that I fall asleep easily.

| >>674242

...Wow. Ok, fair enough.

| >>674097 though to be fair the stress in that game can help you work harder and also achieve more of a flow state. I used to play Civ 5 for hours and even did it for 24 or fairly close if I remember correctly. Just playing and being totally absorbed.

| I grind mastery rank in warframe when I want to calm down.

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