Pokemon Unite

| Honestly don't care it's not a big announcement, but it's Tencent, so fuck that game.

Hilarious it got so many dislikes though.

| Wish they didnt made an intire direct just for it, screw pokemon company

| Nintendo several years ago: Yes, we know mobile games are bringing in the cash, but we are not that thirsty.

Nintendo 2020: I herd the cool kids like moba and taking Chinese money. Let hop to that train, fam.

| Shitendo needs to go bankrupt.

| I feel like the name "MOBA" irritates people. It doesn't even look that bad for a mobile moba.

| Y'all, it's super easy to just ignore this game's existence, you know. It's not like the core Pokemon devs are interrupted from making the mainline games, this is from a totally external studio

| Nintendo was never pro consumer

| >>673191 nintendo has nothing to do with it, its the pokemon company, nintendo only publishes the games but never made one

| It bothers me that a lot of people blame nintendo when they naver really made a pokemon game, its like blaming sony that the last of us 2 was bad

| It looks like ass tbh league is gonna be on mobile soon and mobile legends is there which a lot of people actually play despite what you might think so we really didn't need a new mobs for mobile but eh I guess people on switch can enjoy. I think they are anticipating the buzz mobile league will get so they decided to make their own mobs since people would probably want it on the switch too

| Disappointing, but whatever. There's like a bunch of Pokemon games coming out, including a new Pokemon Snap to look forward to.

| >>673206 it does look like a knockoff game, they didn't even matched the Pokemon already existing UI style, they copied the trend, this would have only worked if it was Pokemon Rumble Unite instead. But a Pokemon Moba should be something more original and brand new, like any Pokemon game did: Pokemon itself did a brand new RPG style game. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon changed and mastered the Mystery Dungeon games formula. Even Pokken was different. Games with soul, not this cashgrab

| >>673284 can anyone tell me whats the appeal of Pokemon Snap apart from being a nostalgia game?

| Pokémon Company is owned by three companies, one being Nintendo, so tbh it’s fair to blame Ninty for not using their influence to stop this garbage.

| >>673301 nintendo is only a plubisher and the pokemon company it self has much bigger influence in the franchise, blame the pokemon company since they decide deadlines, who they work with and when they will reveal products to the public

| >>673301 and people are always blaming nintendo for the screw ups of other companies, sure they are not user frindly but its like blaming a and employee that the manager sucks

| >>673299
It's pretty. Some of us will absolutely love a relaxing game where you just walk around and take pictures of Pokemon in the wild.

| >>673315 what The Pokemon Company did was to carry hype to fans, who always make a lot of noise, so the game is in everyone's mouth and so more people will play it, fans are not a priority but a tool, that's why they announced it in a wrong way, they were conscious it was a lie that would work like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Sun and Moon, X and Y, Mystery Dungeon and Black and white. We fans were (and are) a tool to get more people

| >>673374 you can't walk around just like that in Snap, you are just waiting on a minecart following its rails but I kind of see your point, even though I find prettier HGSS, where you can walk by your own alongside your Pokemon and good music, best enviroment...
It's surprises me how much people likes a concept like snap, I'm glad you all are pleased with a sequel, wish GF and Pokemon Company where as dedicated with their fans as Snap fans are feeling right now.

| >>673375 very much true, still dont get why they blame nintendo this much

| >>673377 some on rails experience can be nice too, a lot of games feel the need to make stuff as open as possible and when you take a deeper look its all a grassy field with nothing on it, minimalist eviorments can be more flashed out and filled with stuff, its quality over quantity

| >>673378 must not know how publicly traded companies work. Nintendo has a 32% say in everything that Pokemon Company does. It's not quite a 51% ownership where they can literally dictate everything, but it's still a lot of power to bring into a board meeting.

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