What are your favourite levels in gaming?

| Pretty self explanatory! I adore Titanfall 2's level design a lot, everyone praises Effect and Cause, but Chapter 3 (Evil Ikea) was my favourite

| There was an old ass Polar Express game and in that game there was a level in which you had to ski your way down a mountain. It was fun

| I uhhhhhh

I like that one level in spelunky.. goddammit

| Fuck. That's a really good question, and I feel like I should be able to answer. I'll just bump this for now and come back later.

| anything where you have to protect someone

| The ultra green shoe level in Super Mario Bros 3

| I like the streets missions in Halo ODST. The atmosphere is pretty cool.

| That level in Elona fill to the brim with kamikaze yankee. kill one and listen to the unending bomb forever is the best.

| Arknights, I've been playing for 3 months and I'm fucking addicted.

Annihilation 3 is definitely the best because of the way its designed.

Rn the event map is fucking fire too. The difficulty is only what the player makes it to be by selecting the conditions of the run, and its fucking great idk if yall play it

| The planet in ratchet and clank where you get to use the jet pack and kill those giant brain-octopus things. It just felt so great flying and blasting.

| The second level of sonic colours ds

| There are not many level structured games nowadays. First coming to my mind are The Escher lab and The shadow city from DUSK's episode 2 and 3 respectively.

| Nier: Automata, fighting the credits.

| Giant tube in mirror's edge. I don't remember what the tube was for, but it was a very iconic tube.

Every level of Celeste is excellent, except the windy one.

| Nyakuza Metro from A Hat in Time. a little confusing but I love the music and the overall aesthetic of that chapter

| Might not count as a level but whatever. Fink's slaughterhouse was cool in borderlands 2. Especially when you play hellborn krieg and get to the point where you can still deal good damage but aren't a god yet.

| the subway mission in Mirror's Edge was pretty great.

| First level of Deus Ex Human Revolution. :) Complex af!

| >>671868 I love having options in levels like that. Especially the part where you try to save a hostage.

| Camp Omega from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a really good level. I know GZ was controversial as a "paid demo" but for a few bucks is a short & sweet game where its only level is incredibly dense and meticulously designed stealth mini sandbox

| Shadow Moses
Chilling at Jill's place with beer

| Also that level in hitman bm where you kill a fat guy who's under fbi program

| Level 69

| Time rifts in A Hat in Time were really nice

| Halo CE's "Silent Cartographer"
Metroid Prime's "Magmoor Caverns" and "Phendrana Drifts"
Pokemon 3rd gen's "Fortree City"
Crysis 2's "Walk in the Park"
Super Mario Galaxy's levels that I've forgotten the name of.
Twilight Princess's "Hyrule Castle"

And so many more I'm forgetting already...

| I love sex.

| Every level in Dishonoured series. Damn those are immaculately designed.

| >>673137

you're on danger/u/. there's no point in lying.

| Fort Joy from DOS2. It just feels like home.

| The level in Dishonored 2 where you went back in time, and back to the present. To me, that was quite the game changer/pace to the game; it even felt like had that slight puzzle element as well too. You even got look at the shards like a two way mirror; to see where guards are patrolling, giving you the options to avoid or kill them. And near the end you if your actions impacted anything in the past, there are changes in the present.

| commander keen 4 miragia

| >>673808 dishonored 2 had some great levels, I still adore Jindosh's mansion, although it's not as good going back to it since you can sneak through the walls and shoot him without him even knowing you're there if you know what you're doing.

| >>>673808 agreed. One of the best levels I've played in a video game ever tbh

| 2nd level in a platformer called 140. it's extremely good.

| The zombie mission in Timesplitters:FP. Blowing zombies heads with a shotgun, destroying spirits with fire, fighting ghosts along you future/past self, a busty goth chick... It has everything

| >>674135 the clocktower mansion level is a masterpiece. The area is designed with such a brilliant architecture. It's a masterpiece.

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