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Thoughts on Cloud Gaming?

| Nvidia Now is the most promising at the moment, Shadow is also good but can be quite expensive. I believe that Stadia will improve.
There's also others like Playstation Now and Parsec (Mostly used for people who has their own VPS machine like AWS or Google Cloud)

What do you think? is 2020 the year of Cloud Gaming? Are you using any of these services?

| ping / input lag is still a big issue, doubt it will get better any time soon

| It's not that bad, but cloud gaming is still far from "perfection".
As long as you have a decent (and stable) connection and play games where it's ok to have some input lag, I guess that cloud gaming can be fine, but is you want to play something more dynamic or "competitive", just buy/download the game.

| I like to own things, so i won't be using this.

| Lmao no, 2020 isn't year of cloud gaming quite yet, though I might be biased since I live in a country with famously bad internet speed.

I can see cloud gaming becoming more mainstream in a couple of years though, especially if games' filesize are only getting bigger and bigger.

| I can definitely see data centers being multiplied in numbers and close enough that we have cheaper and more stable connection with our virtual machines.
Maybe 2020 is not the year, but we'll make it fairly easily I think

| Just need to find a way to use all that heat in winter and reverse that in summer

| There was a thread a long time back where Google Stadia was at the forefront. And I took a screenshot to see it age like milk.

Suffice to say, it's one of the best screenshots I have on this platform to date.

There's still a long way before a huge audience will favor streaming games.

| Unless we get fiber in more places cloud gaming won't be viable for a long time

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