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Best ways to get a Game Boy Advance in 2020?

| -Not including alternatives like Macro GBA or consoles that can emulate GBA as I'd prefer to use the GBA Link Cable at some point and playing GB games (unless flashcard if desperated xD).

| depends a lot on where you live.
ebay I'd guess ?
link cable might still be sold retail, depends who keeps that in stock.
if you have "retro gaming" stores in your corner of the planet, you might wanna check them out, if they're open during the coronapocalypse...

| Problem on Ebay is that I'm not sure to trust it as I never bought anything for the same reason, there are some really good offers but then I think they are too good to be real or not having a malfuntioning issue the seller is not talking about (for example they can say the product is working but then it makes a really loud sound)

| I've seen people selling retro games and retro consoles and conventions and game fares, you might find them there anon
Also try looking on Amazon or Facebook Marketplace or sumthing

| >>667813 eBay isn't a wasteland of scams like ten years ago, most product descriptions are 100% accurate. If somebody has a defective console they just sell it as spares and repairs because there's a good market for that.

Plus like.. eBay has a great dispute system, made stronger by paying via PayPal. PayPal is totally free and ensures you're covered if you get ripped off.

| My advice is just always check every picture and word of the description, if it all looks legit then 99% of the time it is.

| eBay. It's that easy. Just find a seller that looks decent and had good prices.

| Yeah, eBay is pretty good these days. Scams get shut down pretty quick. I'd just recommend you go there, g/u/rl. Usually I'd recommend checking out cons, but all those have been cancelled...

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This thread is permanently archived