Are there any fantasy tactics RPG I can look forward to?

| I like commanding warriors and wizards on a map, so I was wondering if there are any tactical RPGs like that on the horizon. I usually count Final Fantasy Tactics as one of my all time favorites and I've played Fire Emblem before.

| If you are interesting in exploring FE like more, there is a new FE inspired game coming out next year named Dark Deity. There's also Tear Ring Saga, a series made by Fire Emblem's original creator.

If interested in grid games in general, give Devil Survivor a try. It's an SMT game taking place within the modern age, fighting demons with your own controlled demons for survival over the course of a week. Although not medieval, you control players on a map and also wield magic.

| >>657858 just watched the trailer. I'll keep my eye out on Dark Deity. I hope it'll be a good alternative to FE.

| >>657858
Oh damn, Dark Deity looks interesting. I'm worried that the devs might be biting off more than they can chew though, since the team is so small and the game seems to be pretty big. Hopefully they can finish it.


| Dark Deity looks pretty decent.

| Elden Ring is Tactical RPG? Who knew...

| >>658542 >>658799 it's not.

| Try The Banner Saga
It has pretty cool atmosphere and story. Not so much tactics though, but I recommend

| >>658840 already did, but I'm looking for upcoming games

| >>658880
Ah, oh... Good luck to ya! ^-^

| Himeko Sutori and Tears of Avia are a couple that I keep my eye on. The former is in EA already, the latter is not as interesting but we take what we can get in this genre.

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is quite a bit older already, but try it out if you haven't already, it's great. Big DLC coming out soon, too.

| >>659262 pretty sad but you're right, we really do take what we can get with the genre.

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