Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

| Amazing game so far. Thoroughly hooked on this game.
Just beat the first big boss, the dragon...
>and I'm 21 hours

According to the howlongtobeat site, a regular playthrough averages about 25 hours.
Who the hell did they poll? God damn casuls

| >>657409 uhh I beat the game in 30 hours, and there are about 3 mandatory bosses..

good thing OP enjoyed it though. for the love of me I just wanted to get over with it. I hate fake turn based combat that is actually a real time combat but without the freedom of an actual action game.

| howlongtobeat is not a reference for how long an enjoyable experience can be had. it's about how long it is to beat the game, period. i wouldn't expect to calculate how many hours i'd enjoy a game based on the time it takes to beat it.
why do people have so many 999hours savefiles on pokemon ? surely, it doesn't take that long to beat.

Atelier Ryza is nice, please enjoy it as best you can.

| >>657441
Yeah, combat could definitely be better. One of the weak points of the game. I don't hate it though. I mostly wish I could set AI tactics or something.
The combat's actually similar to what I had in mind for a rpg. Basically this, but there's no wait time. You can have your 'turn' as fast as you can decide what to do next.

| I'm curious, does that sound worse or better to you?

| >>657542
It's not like combat ever was a strong point (or, hell, a point in general) of the Atelier series. It's all about that cute slice of life and alchemy business.

| >>657756
Well, I only played the Mana Khemia games. Never tried any of the main series Atelier games before because I heard the story is just slice of life. Granted, Mana Khemia 2's story isn't any better.
Mana Khemia 1 was great though. I thought the combat in that game was good. Only problem was that it wasn't very difficult, IIRC.

| >>657927
Mana Khemia is def more combat-oriented, while Atelier usually has more sophisticated crafting.

Both are good, they just kinda scratch different itches for me.

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