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| Hey! I was just wondering if there were any other League of Legands players, who you mained and what attracted you to them.

| Support Riven.

| Mostly played support. Leona, to be specific, because I have a thing for strong confident women. And also enjoy the play style of tank supports, so I picked Nautilus when Leona was banned.

Whenever I had to go top lane I picked post-rework Poppy. She's a precious little potato with a hammer like twice her size, what's not to love there. Plus her personality is cute. Or Rumble, he's a crazed mechanic with interesting gameplay and devastating (in right hands) ult.

| i main ahri based on the mastery score, but im not really that good at her. just sticked with her since i started playing cuz catgirls

but i like quinn better, nyoom caw caw

| I used to main Lux and best goth gf Morgana on mid, or Morg support/ADC. I always liked how Morg could slow down and basically pause an entire lane on her own, though I found it hard to push with her. Lux is just fun because once you get rolling, you generally stay rolling.

| OTP Teemo support. My goal is to be as cancerous for allies as for enemies. But mainly for allies.

| >>657488
Wait, how is it hard to push with Morg? You just throw down your puddle and enemy creeps just stop existing. Much more so if you have Luden's.

| >>657587 mid to late game it's a creep deleter, yeah. But it's difficult to get plates early.

| I used to play Soraka Supp and Wukong jg

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