Phantasy Star Online 2

| Anyone else waiting on the 27th to arrive so we can finally play it completely in English? Let's not talk about the Microsoft store before it's literally just to download the client then you'll never have to see it again.

| Yes, and also on Kartrider xd

| >>656994 kartrider is great. The PC game is great and the mobile game is just as great too tbh it puts that crappy Mario Cart mobile game to shame

| Do i need window 10 or not? i'm confused af

| I'd play it in Japanese were I interested in it. Just an old game being handed down to the rest of the world. Sorry to be a party pooper.

| >>657042 that's what those that just look at it from a distance say but a game doesn't have to be new in order to be good

| Is it closer to older singleplayer Phantasy Star games (like Universe or Portable) or to a regular MMO? Or more or less in the middle?

| >>657133 I'd say in the middle. You can do a lot of missions single player but it's really easy to socialize in game and you don't really need to know anyone in order to party up for missions so usually most people do things with others

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