PSA: back-up your saves

| You do not want to lose everything you've worked hard for. Good day.

| I always do that on PS4. Sadly on Switch not every game can be backed up online.

| Yes gurls, don't be like me where your Final Fantasy IX save data gets accidentally overwritten and there's no back up. </3

| Yeah, for real. I think I had to play through RE4 a total of 4 times before I could play the endgame stuff, because I of changing consoles and deleted save data. I'm also still not back to where I was in P5. I think my save data in The Witcher 3 might be gone as well. Probably some others as well. It's just not fun times is what I'm tryna say, you know?

| I tend to keep my saves after uninstalling a game, when I forget about it and reinstall it later just to find my save I actually feel kinda satisfied.

| Steam cloud is a blessing. I'm happy to have my fully unlocked Hunie Pop gallery wherever go.

| PSA: backup ALL your data

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