I don't get the hype behind Valorant

| All I just see is a re-skin of cs:go that meets OW with the special abilities

| For now YOU are the hype behind Valorant too, pls close this thread

| I think it's because people still want a good Hero Shooter that just isn't OW. Valorant meets that.

| >>656353 нет

| its meh

| It does feel like it's been overhyped to be honest

| imagine getting hyped over chinese malware

| >>657cef based and techpilled

| It's pretty high quality for a free game, is it not?

| It's called marketing. You want to sell a crappy game, you make it look like people want to play it, and others will follow. The game is pure crap on every aspect, but people convinced themselves that they wanted to play, thus the game *has* to be good, thus they will defend it. Which makes other people play, etc.

Is this a new form of natural selection, now that's a good question.

| To me, it sounds like a placebo effect, anyone playing that game is fooling themselves to think it's "the savior and grace" of video games. And don't forget, hype always dies down soon

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This sounds like made-up bullshit.

People who enjoy CS:GO will obviously be happy about this change of pace. It's like CS but shakes things up a bit.

| I still haven't experienced this thing people call "hype"...
I think it's for good.

| It's honestly a pretty good game and deserves some hype. However, a lot of it is just because of their twitch drop view boosting...

| It's an "okay" game from what I'm seeing, but I feel like it won't make a huge huge impact

| As someone who has played a lot of csgo (not recently because I started to find it kind of boring) I like playing valorant rn. It's similar to csgo but still feels different enough to feel fresh. Tho I don't see myself putting the same amount of hours into it unless the majority of my friends move from csgo to valorant

| What's the point of getting hyped on installing backdoor?

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when I got my first backdoor installation I was pretty hyped about it if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I get the hype behind Valorant but I don't like it.

| Good marketing, and honestly decent game ideas and design make it what it is. The game is horribly balanced, and there are quite a few features that are yucky, but honestly a game that I actively want to play right now. We're running out of competetivive shooters that actually are active: Valorant meets that and will continue meeting that for awhile, as not only does it get the CS:GO/Overwatch audience, it caters a bit to the League one. And hey, I have fun playing the game, lul

| People swallow garbage up because it's Riot. Overhyped piecie of shit.

| Its a good game with good marketing, its biggest problems are vanguard and not having fixed peekers advantage like they promised.

| There is none is fabricated

| The game honestly feels flat.

| just go play cs:go, a game that is actually balanced and doesn't have chinese malware

| It reminds me of these Chinese FPS games that tries to copy CS, I'm getting a lot of vibes from them.
I can stand Fortnite, Paladins and Overwatch but something just feels off with Valorant

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