Monument Valley is a repetitive borefest

| Someone please explain to me how is this gobshite considered a masterpiece and one of the best on phones? The levels are pathetically simple and easy, not to mention most levels are very similar. The story itself is incredibly lacking. Outside of the score, there's nothing remarkable about it. I'm boggled at this ridiculously undeserved acclaim ????

| >on the phones - you have your answer.

| It's just a clever little atmospheric puzzler. Your expectation is just too high

| - It's 6 years old
- It's made for phones
- It wasn't considered a masterpiece
- It had good critics about the art and sound design

Now if you can't read a wikipedia page, and then get disappointed over your own incoherent expectations, then maybe the problem doesn't come from the game.
What's funny with stupid people is how they love to show it in the most ridiculous ways. Next time instead of raging try to use your brain.

| >>656439 BS. Do a quick google on best phone games and every website has it tagged as Masterpiece.

Monument Valley 2 is NOT 6 years old and it's just as bad as the 1st one if not worse because it's even shorter.

"It's a phone game" is a terrible defence. There are plenty of good premium phone games. Monument Valley series is just not one of them. If you're gonna try at least refute the points made in the OP. What a chock full of BS.

| Oops meant that towards >>656457

| >>656732
Well OP and the gurl replying was talking about the original. You're the first one to bring up the sequel. So if you tell off other people for not refuting the points made at least practice what you preach first.

>There are plenty of good premium phone games
Lol no. All phone games are pathetically simple and easy, not to mention most games are very similar.

| >>656732 Well if you trust random crappy articles on the internet, it's your problem. On wikipedia it is said to be moderately good, so we're far from a masterpiece. Moreover it's subjective, so it's a bit ridiculous to cry on that.

I don't give a fuck about the second one, never talked about it.

And "it's made for phones" means that the game design and gameplay are simplified. Not all phone games are made for phones. So don't quote things I didn't say kiddo.

| Repetitive borefest? Cunt. How dense are you? The game is, like, 30-60minutes long. If it took you so long that it was "a repetitive borefest" you're just fucking dumb. Like, I don't mind people criticising shit I like, but make some valid criticism, yeah? It has good art, chill music, and is pretty entertaining for the short time it lasts. Why do you have insane expectations for a 30minute puzzle game for iPhone? It's just chill and looks cool. That's it.

| It's fine if you don't like it, but don't call the praise undeserved. The people who like it enjoy a relaxing and pretty game with perspective puzzles. You're just not the target audience.

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