Soundtracks better than the game

| Put here soundtracks that you feel like are much better than the games and that you wouldn't play without.
For me, it's the Quake II soundtrack, the game itself is fine but gets boring to me, but the music motivates me to keep playing just to listen to it.

| Sonic Adventure DX. The game itself is not bad, but its soundtrack slaps.

| Final Fantasy 2. I love the soundtrack, especially the over world and battle themes. The game itself however is pretty BS to play. I'm surprised my younger self had the patience to finish it.

| Sonic CD, I love the JP Soundtrack but man, that game is a fucking pain in the ass.

| So like every Sonic game?
I'll add Chrono Trigger here

| Journey by far has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in gaming. The gameplay is good and simple, but the OST really puts it all together. Same thing with any Supergiant game. Transistor, Bastion, Pyre, Hades, they all have good gameplay, but their soundtracks just really add to the experience. They are top-notch.

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Very bold of you, let's hope this ends well.
Anyway I actually agree on this.

| Nier automata
The soundtrack adds so much to the playing experience

| Brutal Legend. If you're unfamiliar, it's a rock game that features Jack Black, and is in some fucked up hell/rock themed universe. The game kinda blows, but driving around the hellish landscape with some good ol' hairband rock is amazing.

| Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2. The game isn't bad but the soundtrack is fucking dope!

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>Chrono Trigger
you have 20 seconds to explain yourself

| Chrono Trigger's gameplay isn't for me, but the soundtrack really sticks to me, good enough of an explanation?

| Fuckinnng Pyre. The presentation is great in every aspect (that's Supergiant for you), but the gameplay being fantasy 3v3 basketball just ain't my thing.

| World of Goo dude! I like the game, but for some reason the soundtrack gives me chills. So good!

| WET is my go-to for this. Game can be fun, but the music is way better. See also Sonic games

| Terraria

| Wizards & Warriors

No wai what am I saying that game is dope

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20 seconds over.
Seek them!

| Crazy Bus

| Starbound. I could chill to the music for days, but the game is just boring

| Persona 1, kinda. The game itself is far from perfect, but the PSP OST is chock-full of bangers. Especially A Lone Prayer, but only because it's a track that's *meant* to be replayed a million times.

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>memories of running this on nVidia TNT 2
oh god

| I honestly enjoyed Death Stranding, but I know a lot of people who didn't. The soundtrack featured a lot of great songs that were placed at just the right moments in game.

| Corpse Party

Games are pretty much just somebody's fetish, and the music does not fit the atmosphere or situation, but the music is really good on its own. Chapter One on the 3DS is insanely good music.

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Oh hell yes, the PSP Persona 1's music is banger. Haven't actually played the game myself, but judging from how Persona 2 was like, I'm guessing the music was very tonally different from the game.

I kinda wish they made a game that'll fit the soundtrack instead.

| Neotokyo, the gameplay started as a half life mod so it's a little dated but the ost by Ed Harrison is so advanced and captivating and sublime I think it's one of the best cyberpunk albums out rn

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P1 is an odd case. It's equal parts tedious, equal parts fan-fucking-tastic. The janky top-down, turn-based movement wasn't really perfected her, so things always feel a bit strange even after a couple o' dozen hours. But y'know, OST makes up for it and all. (Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I said Lone Prayer was *made* to be played 100 times over and still sound fresh.)

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You might as well have been describing P2 right now as well. I really enjoy parts of it, but just can't get through the tedium for whatever reason. Also what is with that encounter rate.

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Lone Prayer is made to be played over and over again, really? Because I keep hearing that people HATE IT because they keep having to hear it.

P2's battle theme is great too (in a different way) but hearing it again sure gives me a terrible sense of dread. As >>658782 said, the encounter rate is cursed.

| >>658782
Early-era Atlus stuff has absurd encounter rates in general. Even mainline SMT's a culprit. Just look at SMT1 and 2, kek. 'Least they learned their lesson from Nocturne onwards.
>Because I keep hearing that people HATE IT because they keep having to hear it.
It's a love/hate thing. You either love it to death for what it is, or you absolutely fuckin' hate it after the 23rd random encounter. Never heard of anyone finding a middle ground of sorts.

| The first Risk of Rain. That game has such a great soundtrack.

| >>656382 Sonic Adventure is the sound of my childhood.

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