got scammed

| I was stupid for buying game keys on an unauthorized retailer. got a used key and the seller won't refund. don't be stupid like me. specifically, don't buy on g2a.com

| Don't trust random sellers!

| Don't trust g2a lol.

| You deserve it for buying on the grey market. Even cracking the game is better than that.

| Who the hell still uses g2a?

| Yeah there's a reason g2a has a trash reputation op

| Idk what you're talking about OP. G2A has an awesome dispute system in my experience. If buddy doesn't give you your money back, you can elevate the issue to G2A themselves. Be sure to take screenshots of the key not working, and attach/link them (using [dot] instead of . - you can't outright send links in the dispute system).

| Also, always check what regions the key is available for.

| None of the money goes back to the developer if you buy from g2a, so why aren't you just pirating the game?

| >>656464 Encouraging the thing that most efficiently kills video games. Do you work for them, or simply lack a few brain cells?

| >>656542 I don't buy games from them. My hobby requires I purchase copies of Windows every once and a while, so that's what I get from G2A. Support indie devs always.

| G2a is the only way to buy non region locked ea/ubisoft games where you can play in English. I'd despair to have nausea from the local cheap ass voiceovers they make here every time if not for g2a.
They usually rate trustworthiness of individual sellers, but I guess it is a platform, not a store, so there are no guarantees. Was good for me so far.

| >>656698
That's shitty on ea/ubisoft part, but pretty sure most modern games let you change the voice over setting? And older games would have cracks already, so why don't you just pirate them?

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