Twitch staff thinks voice chat being removed is a good thing

| Thoughts? Also I didnt know where to put this topic, but this was my best bet I guess https://twitter.com/DonHaci/status/1261068033080143872

| That's... Just dumb. Nothing else to say really - he does not bring any evidence to the table. Guess someone misgendered the boy in ow - and here we are.

| Wtf...? https://m.twitch.tv/clip/AlluringSpinelessSashimiVoteYea

| oh its this chick/guy/whatever.

Its just one person, at first I thought you meant they got rid of voice chat lmao.

| I understand it, but also, it's just dumb.

| It's really dumb. Just use mute. You don't have to ruin everyone elses positive experiences with vc

| what about dyslexic people tho

| >>655825 "I feel like y'all are white supremacists.... just a fact, of how I feel."

How does something this fucking dumb survive this long?

| *someone this

| >>e98cc1 I'm surprised they know how to breathe

| >>e98cc1 >>35e64a
I'm surprised you two still take stuff from the Internet seriously.

| >>db09af I'm surprised you have one remaining brain cell left

| >>e98cc1 >>35e64a >>db09af
I am surprised by how imminent death is. Every moment could be your last, and still people opt to end it early when their time is short. It's a sad world.

| I am not surprised.

| >>e98cc1 >>35e64a >>db09af >>f50adc >>18ea76
hey guys

| didn't unmute but let me guess it's an LGBBQ faggot tranner that wants to ruin everything else for everyone else, as expected, per usual, because the thing got triggurd.

| >>657359
Haha you owned that nigtard xD
So cool

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