Monster Hunter World

| Anyone here playing it? I bought it a couple days ago and it's a lot of fun. Playing Insect Glaive has been great, and the world is just very well designed and reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Good stuff.

| I play but haven't gotten very far and I haven't gotten the iceborne expansion either

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Same though. I've only played it for two days now, but it's been very fun.

| I played it for awhile with a friend. I just kinda lost interest after awhile.

| I love it but took a break and went back to Generations Ultimate

| Do you have Iceborne yet? If you're enjoying base game, you'll love be the DLC. The new moves are sick

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No, but I'm mostly likely getting it very soon. The tiny bit I've seen of it looks sick, and the base game is very fun.

| i don't want to play any monster hunter not until i've 100% the monster hunter game before it

| >>655392 see you in world 100000 years later g/u/rl

| I play it for a while clear the base game and dlc final boss, but still too lazy to do endgame stuff

| >>655632 Same as well, didn't get farther when you encounter Xeno Jiiva reborn

| I play for a few hours everyday.

| It quickly became one of my favorite games ever. Too bad I have no friends to play it with, i even got another copy by exchanging it for an old game, i offered it to my friends and nobody wanted it, it has even become a running joke to mention MHW whenever someone asks for game recommendations just to piss me off.

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Sounds annoying. I kind of get it at the same time though. If someone is constantly trying to get you to watch or play something you don't really want to, just because it's annoying. Like, I have a higher chance of watching a series I heard about once and sounds kind of cool than a show one of my friends constantly say I should watch. I don't know why it is that way, but apparently it's a pretty common psychological phenomenon.

| >>655830 give it to me

| capcom betrayed us

| Bad investment tbh Gameplay and fights are excellent but once you reach the endgame areas like the Guiding Lands you'll see how terribly butchered it is. The grinding in Iceborne endgame is one of the worst ever. You'll have to keep grinding in TGL for augments but then go back grinding Investigations for decos. It's a back and forth grindfest. TGL grinding is layered to make it worse. Grind to level up regions (which levels down other regions) and then grind for augment mats.

| Grind is a part of monster hunter since gen 1, if you dont like it dont play, also world made grind even easier since you just need armor espheres for armo upgrades and weapons onli require especifc materials with no extra quota, also without grind there is no reason to replay so grind is important

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The grinding in Monster Hunter World is surprisingly fun. OP here, and I usually hate grinding in games. I often find it unnecessary and boring. In Monster Hunter though, it's a lot of fun. There is a lot of stuff that can happen with environmental interactions and enemies interacting with eachother, which spices it up, and the core gameplay is so solid that I just want more of it. Teaming up with friends to grind together is also really chill. Really enjoying this game.

| >>656378 ofc I know that. I've over thousands of hours in FU, 4U and Gen. The MHW grind is not as good as those. Problem with MHW IB grind is it's convoluted by RNG as well, the monster you want to grind in TGL don't always spawn. Lures are not a sure way to get them to spawn either because you get lure based on species not for specific monsters. I wouldn't find it flawed if not for TGL. The easiest way to fix TGL was to add investigation quests for that area which they didn't.

| Ok thats fair

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