What games are meant to be played with friends, but better played single player?

| it's not because i don't have friends and i'm not asking for a game that i can introduce to my future friends, definitely not pshh

| E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy. It can fit all 36 of your friends at the same time, but goes extremely well solo.
Factorio can ruin your lifestile - and it can ruin it for your friends in the meanwhile.

| Minecraft, terraria and monster hunter

| Postal Redux: that way you don't get judged for possibly being one of the most fucked people on someone's friend list.

| I truly think RE5 should be strictly played with a friend but it's also very entertaining in single player

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Allow me to respectfully disagree, Minecraft and Terraria are miles better with friends, and Monster Hunter is 50/50 I guess.

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Yeah I think those games are the opposite of what op wants: games that are made to be single-player but is a lot more fun multiplayer

| >>654232 eh, minecraft singleplayer is fine. With multi, unless people has set up witch farm, you'll have a hard time getting glowstone. Not to mention quartz.

Some people would also want to restart the map every so often.

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| See ass go
My friends All are noob

| >>654149 It can? I played Chris' campaign in 6 solo and it felt quite underwhelming with bot being a bot. Always thought it's a shame re5 and 6 are coop, because that makes many unable to enjoy them fully. Thankfully 7 is SP and great. As are remakes.

| For the King is way better in single player

| Dark Souls. 1 and 3. They feel glorious when you end them on your own, sometimes the players you get are way too powerful and bosses that on single player are challenging, with those players backing you up, they go down like nothing. Kind of ruins the experience.

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| Soulsborne definitely.

| Elder Scrolls Online, it's an MMO but most of the questing is better by yourself tbh

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You're just too socially functional. GTFO from my internet normie.

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Hahaha I wish. I still played all 3 solo 95% of the time.

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