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Have any of you ever received a permanent trade ban on Steam? Did you keep using the same account?

| A few years back I got permanently trade banned on Steam. While I admit that it mostly happened due to my ignorance, I had no malicious intent and was manipulated by my at-the-time-"friend" to perform some manipulations, the true nature of which I did not quite grasp.
And then I did the next most stupid thing I could've done - kept using the account and buying games. To this day. Got like 350+ of them now.

| But it irks me to this day, and it sucks having to explain to every new person I add on Steam why I was trade banned. Hell of a first impression it creates.
The everpresent account alert and the social pressure kinda make me want to make a new account now. If I wait for a sale, I can repurchase the "important" games for a sum that I can handle without much issue, and the rest I can family share from my old account. But the old account has years of history attached to it.

| Moral of the story: don't be dumb, g/u/rls. Especially don't be dumb twice.

| How do you get trade banned in the first place?

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Scamming people, apparently. All I recall is helping that "friend" transfer an item from one account to another (and from what I understand the account it was transferred from wasn't actually his), and then next morning I was already banned.

| Can't you like make a new account and add that account to your family library sharing so that account can use games from your main account that aren't currently being used by it?

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Yeah, that solves the issues with games more or less. Although some games I wouldn't mind purchasing again on the new account, both to support my favorite indie devs and to keep a sort of collection.

| Unless you don't play any games with Steam Inventory that has an active trading community (CS:GO, TF2, or maybe Steam itself) then you might not want to do that.

| But I'd still prefer a brand new clean account with family share than an old one that is permamently from certain features, especially trading.

| Thanks for the warning, OP. It's pretty useful for about 3 people..!

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Thank God there's only 3 people on this board - me, you, and that other g/u/rl with a bunch of VPNs.
Inside jokes aside, I think such advice as "don't be dumb" can be extended way beyond the rather narrow edge case that I presented.

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