Gamer clothes

| What your clothes when you go gamer mode? Mine is hoodie dress.

| Big tee and striped undies. Thigh high socks are a plus too

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I use thigh highs too but I only have one pair, so they're not full part of my gamer mode yet.

| >>637717 you gotta get some! I bet they would look super cute with a hoodie dress <3

| >>637715
This but instead of socks just black pantyhose, also makeup, cute wig and some nice flovery perfume

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I want to get more, and I feel cute when I wear it. Only problem is that the ones I bought don't ship here anymore. I don't know if it's because of Brexit or Corona but it's probably a long time until I can get more.

| Shorts and a white t shirt. Both cotton. Maximum comfort for me.

| Wait, you need special clothes to get into gamer mode? You g/u/rls are weird.

| Can't go wrong with the classic pajama and t-shirt combo

| mostly unclothed

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It's like Persona. When you go into gamer mode your clothes have to go gamer mode as well.

| Whatever happens to be on me, because I'm a sane human being.

| The only real gamer clothes is the dorito dust you wear on a comfy af sweater.

| Sweatpants and a t-shirt during a cold day, and shorts an t-shirt during the summer

| I use a blanket as a cloak-poncho thing and it's pretty comfortable. The only problem is that my legs are cold.

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You should double cloak. Have cloak-poncho and cloak-skirt.

| Pajamas. Bigger the better. I better be looking like one of those inflatable tube noodles.

| Nothing.
Game naked!

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