| Has any series been more poorly mismanaged in recent years than Halo has been by 343i? If there has been, it has escaped my perception. Get ready for Infinite to be rushed out the door as well, with a 4.5hr campaign with microtransaction laden multiplayer experience and a quota failed to be met. Maybe we will get Halo 3 for the MCC by, what, 2025 if we're lucky then? Bah.
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| I think KH3 kinda murdered KH, and Battlefield hasn't really been doing great. Don't know shit about Halo, but that doesn't sound fun.

| 4.5H campaign sounds like the norm for a Halo entry, H3 by 2020 when H2 testing already exists? Don't be so cynical.

343 isn't doing masterful work but acting as if they're the worst devs kn the world doing everything they can to screw the fanbase over is just ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who has no interest in post-Reach Halos, though Infinite does intrigue me.

| H3 by 2025* meant to quote your unreasonable example, I do believe it will come out in 2020 though, a month before Infinite to keep the Halo brand in everyone's mind - it's simple marketing.

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