mfw animal crossing is 60 bucks and i'm broke

| economy sucks
new leaf it is

| we on the same boat g/u/rl

| Same here, feels bad man

| mfw switch is $350 and games are $60 each and i'm almost broke in a borderline 3rd world country

| >>637611 and the switch is still the cheap one, isn't it

god help you if you wanted something that got turned into a PS4 or Xbone/Sexbox exclusive

| I've heard Walmart has it $10 of in store only if you want your animal crossing with a side of covid

| >>637642 really!?! I might gear up to snag it before my city shuts down

| >>637633
nah, kinda weird but at least ps4 is both easier to get and cheaper here, especially if you're getting a used one

| It's a cute fun game but 60 bucks is a rip off. Should be priced slightly more than Forager and Stardew, so maybe 25-30 bucks would be reasonable.

| >>638042
AC New Horizons is a late stage capitalism simulator tho. The premise is to build your own personal utopia using corporate-provided means of production. Unlike the previous games where the town has its own functional body of government, every aspect of your life is now controlled by Nook Inc. and Tom Nook is functionally a God. It's a game about surrendering your free will to a corporation in order to achieve happiness, so naturally it has to be sold at a premium price.

| This ac is hyped af for some reason. That never happened to any other mainline ac.
I'm afraid filthy normies will ruin it.

| >>638155
Isn't it because up until New Leaf the previous AC games are just "ports" with slight improvement over the previous entry? Not to mention the Switch's popularity. Though I'm gonna stick to my pet theory that AC's popularity started with Isabelle making it into Smash.

| Or like, Isabelle in general really. People are fucking horny for that dog. I will bet my 100,000 Nook Miles that people will pay for a 60 dollars DLC to get her into the new game if she isn't already in it.

| No, I mean RUIN ruin it. Like western games, like comics, like every other niche thing that became popular in the last decade.

| Of course people will, people are dumb. With all the games we have available and the frequent sales we get, 60 dollars is a bit of a hard ask even for artwork like Doom Eternal, but 60 dollars for a tycoon with cutesy yet mediocre graphics? I'll catch it when it's ten bucks.

| >>638165 I'd fuck that dog

| Most Nintendo games that are good are around that price range

| >>638281
On one hand, damn Nintendo and their insistence on making everything expensive.

On the other hand, damn, Nintendo is the smartest publisher there is. They know they make quality games people are willing to fork over tons of money on, so they price their games exactly as they should.

I don't know. It feels like a sense of normalcy in this dying world. The day Nintendo releases a full mainline game for less than 30 USD is the day the world ends.

| >>638360 60 isn't that much calm down

| >>638372 >>638360 $60 is cheap in the long run. Animal Crossing is meant to be played casually throughout a year if not longer. The cost is nothing compared to blowing off several hundred dollars for an international week long vacation

| Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is free

| >>638374 I dunno how you can say "a game is meant to be played x amount of time throughout an x amount of time" like, what? You could say that about any game, but it literally does not change the fact that AC is pretty simplistic and repetitive. You're pretty much just trying to defend that fact, but it doesn't matter - if a game is "meant to be played slowly", then it's probably a game that lacks substance.

| >>638383 I wasn't talking about its substance at all. Just that it's a time sink. Whether it's substantial or shallow is pretty irrelevant to what I mentioned.

There are people who just want something to do for X hours no matter how repetitive it may be. I'm not one of those people but I've met ones who defend the "Hour per dollar" argument.

All I'm doing is point it out.

| >>638372 >>638374
Well compared to other AAA games, mainline Nintendo games have the highest price point and *stay* in that price point practically forever. That's my point.

For me personally 60 USD is pretty dang expensive, especially with currency exchange rate going absolutely bananas right now, but eh, each to their own.

| >>638397
you all lied to me. Mario Maker went on sale on mario day, and I bought it at full price the other week >:(

and yes, currency is bananas right now. I can attest to this.

| >>638397 Well when you put it that way, then yeah it is pricey.

It also depends on what a player values in the game they're buying. Prices can be measured, but not the worth of the content. That last part is up to each person. Some people don't mind getting AC at launch, others would prefer a price drop.

| >>638401 games are an interesting medium in the sense that while some of it can be subjective, many things can be objectively measured - awful graphics(not to be confused with design choices, this is subjective), poor performance, poor controls, comparing the game to other similar games, the amount of content the game offers and the variety - for example, even though most (used to) play CoD for TDM, it is an objectively more valuable product as a result of the dozens of available

| gamemodes.

TLDR: The worth of a game and its content can be measured to an extent.

| >>638405 while yeah you can measure frame rates and resolutions, some people don't know or don't care about optimized graphics.

So it's still pretty subjective. In fact, words like "awful" and "poor" mean nothing without using someone's standards as context.

| >>638413 standards are why it can be measured, for example, music is almost entirely subjective but shitty audio quality is an objective aspect that can be measured. Gaming has more of these aspects, it has dozens of things related to performance and even many graphical related things can be objective, subjective preference towards certain artstyles isn't the same as some games' graphics just being inferior than the norm for the artstyle they chose.

| >>638439
you can get amazing quality on a terrible mix.
and the mix would be terrible by standards.
and these standards would be signal processing, and not music.

it's better to see it subjectively, I think...

if you have to pay 60 bucks, then so be it...
unfortunately, I know what it's like to feel like wasting money... so I can't really say anything
I guess that sucks...

| I gotta say, you guys are all wrong about this game. This isn't a "tycoon" game. You don't get rewarded in building things in certain ways to maximize profit, no, thus making it more of a "sim" game. It's meant to be treated as a sandbox and medium for self expression. And for that reason, I would value this game at a grand sum of 2 dollars. You can't even interact with the furnitures you bought and the npc has the personality of a cardboard cutout. What a piece of shit game.

| >>638375
Because it's shit.

You don't get the appeal of animal crossing.

| >>638741 hey I was joking bud. come on, you aren't gonna point that fork at me for a joke, nah? I'll tell you what, I'll share some of my Nook Miles ticket with you. rare island, all the tarantulas you need. we can even smoke some illegal turnips if ye got the time. we cool?

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