Where are you playing g/u/rls?

| Hi,

I'm looking for friends.. I would like some game with social things.. maybe some like VR Chat, but i don't have VR xd

Some recommendations? ^^

| News flash, kid, you can play VR Chat without VR.

| Yes, but i look as trash without tracking xd

| Check out Pulsar:Lost Colony and report back here if it interests you.

| You could try some big MMO, like WoW, RuneScape or Black Desert. I never got into the community stuff back when I played a bit of WoW, but in games like that you can sometimes find some really nice and wholesome people and sometimes become online friends.

| until animal crossing gets delivered i'm currently playing resident evil 4 on dolphin for the first time, just got to disc 2, pretty good so far

also just beat Megaman Legends for the first time, good game but my god Juno is ridiculously hard compared to the rest of the game.

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RE4 is really good. I think you misread the title of the thread though.

| If you're European download Sven Co Op and join The Twilight Zone it's VRChat for poor people on Half Life

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D&DO and LotRO have all their content free until end of April I think, so that's also a good option.

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