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| Not the fan base, just the games themselves.

Personally I really like the games, at least the ones I've played. I like the skill systems and the gameplay is pretty fun. The story is weird as fuck and kinda just dumb and funny on most world's and stuff in the game, but the overall story is actually pretty cool, even though it's unnecessarily complicated.

| Man I used to love the games a ton, always waiting for the next sequel. When KH3 arrived after how many years, I started to wonder how the hell I was able to handle the dialogue. Feels weird.

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Everything is cheesy as fuck and kinda unnatural, but that does have a certain charm to it.


| Gameplay is fun, story is dumb and cheesy but kinda neat, I can't handle the fucking disnep stuff though.

| KH 1 sounds awesome. JRPG about exploring disney & square enix franchises? Sign me up! But then on the 2nd game, it felt like a rehash, and the 3rd it turned into a checklist of visiting disney characters.

They should have scrapped disney on the 2nd or 3rd game in favor for ghibli or other franchises.

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That's not really how things work though. They can't co-own a franchise with someone then just suddenly cut them off. They'd also loose a lot of important and main characters if they did that. It would have been really cool, don't get me wrong, but, yeah.

| >>637349 I feel like KH is better off ending and Square Enix starts over with a new IP.

I get it, KH has a history and nostalgic fanbase. I'm one of those nostalgic fans. But I feel tired of KH being dragged out with a convoluted extended plot line.

| >>637389 Oh... silly me, I didn't know they co-own it. I thought square buy the right/liscense to use Disney characters, which if that was the case, they should have ended the story with disney and move on with another franchise

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If I understand it correctly Disney technically owns everything that has to do with Kingdom Hearts, so the only way it could work is if Disney wants to give Square Enix everything original from KH and then completely remove themselves from the project. So, no. It's not happening.

| i only played KH1 and 2 on emulator (used a fan translation of the PS2 final mix of 2)

1 is cool but god i do not like how it plays. It started something cool but I will probably never replay it

2 is way way way more easy to play, it's still challenging but I mean i don't need to rewire my brain to play it. My only complaint is that only the KH original bosses tend to be difficult at all, disney bosses seem a bit hamstrung (though it's still super cool regardless)

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2 is definitely the best in my opinion. Birth by Sleep is probably the best one after that in my opinion. I haven't played that much KH though.

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