| Eh it's okay

| >>637154

| Got a bit of a hot take for y'all, I like DOOM2016 more. Hell, I kinda even like the first DOOM more.

| It looks pretty fucking sick. If I had money I'd be fiending it.

| it's a little different from doom 4 thanks to all the mobility and the meters to constantly keep track of so i can see why you'd like 4 better potentially

haven't gotten to play it myself but it looks pretty sick

| I prefer Doom 2016 for its simplicity but I have to applaud Id, they continued to evolve the game to a logical way forward instead of just re-releasing Doom 2016 like how most sequels feel like nowadays.

| I almost bought it until I saw that the Doomslayer only interacted with peasants twice. I thought it was the highlight of the game. I'm still waiting for Doom to change my perception of fps like Halo did but I think this ain't it, Chief.

| Brutal Doom is the best Doom.

| I love Halo, but to be completely fair, FPS games were still rough around the edges and Halo showed us the true potential by pushing the genre forward. A lot of what made Halo stand out was logical and inevitable progression, like the control innovations and limits to how many weapons you can carry.

There really isn't much space left to innovate in FPS, hundreds of games have invented small little details and new innovations are limited to things as small as a new gamemode like BR

| So honestly, Doom Eternal did a fantastic job at pushing the franchise forward, but to expect the game, or any other game, to have an impact like Halo did is a bit ridiculous. I don't think it will ever happen to FPS again, if any genre.

| >>638174
Do you not know how art works? There is never anything original, only improvements and small changes from the originals. Also, honestly, I feel like DOOM has done at least as much for FPS as Halo considering the only reason the genre got popular was because of original DOOM.

| >>638229 true that, Doom was one of the first to really popularize FPS, but my point was that one title introducing a ton of revolutions is unlikely, small changes are the norm and I think the genre has been explored too much already for there to be a possibility of another innovational leap like Halo

| >>638276
Well, yeah, that's obvious. That's why they're not trying to revolutionise it. If you want to play something revolutionary you're probably many years too late.

| >>638279 you're just looking for a fight huh? I was responding to someone else who's waiting/expecting for another FPS to revolitionize the genre like Halo, and also, Eternal kind of did try - they tried a lot of new things this time around, but it isn't really revolutionary because of all the things I already said.

| >>638382
New things and trying to revolutionise are very different thing though. Every game has new stuff for each installment unless it's by EA. Also, I'm not looking for a fight. I just don't see what makes you expect new games to be revolutionary when that really isn't possible anymore.

| >>638408 I never said I expect it, I was arguing that it cannot be expected. I don't see how you can say you aren't looking for a fight when you continuously put words in my mouth and misinterpet me for the sake of repeating something that's false.

| >>638438
Then I'm just fucking dumb. Sorry. I just misunderstood. I thought I understood what you said correctly but I didn't. It seems you're the one looking for a fight getting aggressive when I'm just trying to understand. Sorry.


| *Heavy metal starts distantly*

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