Corona Relief

| I've noticed a few developers giving out sizable discounts on games to help people whether out COVID-19. This is a thread to collect and share said deals! The deal doesn't have to be specifically related to COVID-19. Just deals for games to help us cope with the boredom.

| Some games are even be given for free this past days, not to mention the sales every week, my inbox is getting filled up!

| I've noticed. It makes me really happy. I'll make sure to share some good ones when I find them.

| There was room raider iirc

| Tomb* Kappa

| Tomb* Kapp

| Tomb* Kappa

| >>637093 oh no! It's triple post-chan!

| >>637094
No! It's worse! It's Spot-the-difference-chan!

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/203160/Tomb_Raider/
Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs are free on Epic Games Launcher.

| >>637100
You're a homie.

| >>637100

legendary, thank you g/u/rl

| I know am going to stockpile games instead of toilet paper lolol finally I can start playing some games I haven't touched in my library

| I use this site to keep tabs on free stuff and deals.


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