Cute 3D shooter?

| Doom seems fun but I don't like gore UwU

| Come to think of it, I liked Halo quite a lot. I thought the aliens were pretty cute.

| Get a doom image pack

| Overwatch? You can play as a cute robot who's best friend with a bird

| Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

| Unironically Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, although it's an RPG as well as a shooter.

| Chex Quest

| What about that Ranch game? It plays like a shooter even though you never kill anything.

Goat of Duty is also pretty cute since it's goats.

| >>637023
Oh yeah and Goat of Duty is free to keep forever if you activate it on steam within the next ten days.

| Galgun

| >>637023
Slime Rancher is awesome, though it's more like an exploration and farming type game, but with a suck gun.

| Touhou

| >>637491
I'm a dumbass and was going to correct you that op specified 3D, but then I realised that if you count the fangames, Touhou exist in every genre imaginable.

| >>637060 the way you call it a suck gun is adorable. I guess it's accurate and fitting

| >>638069
It is a suck gun though! I don't know what it's actually called, but that's what it does.

| >>638121 if suck gun wasn't the official name before then it definitely is now!

| >>51fd0b >>f41837 that's kinda gay bro

| >>638164
I just checked and I think it's called a Vac. I will continue calling it suck gun though.

| >>2d8f0b Ever look at any FPS that features the steam workshop? If not, it's guarenteed to have whatever you need.

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