Ingress: Opinions

| Have you ever tried this mobile game? What you think about it?

| Tried it few years ago. Very hard to play since every player hit maximum level long time ago. Also can't say I felt rewarded after capturing another portal

| I used to play it a lot, like, probably 4-5 years ago. It was pretty cool. Played it with my dad, and we'd drive to other places and towns and stuff to capture portals other people needed for setting up long distance links. We also met with some people my dad found at his job who also played the game, and we'd drive and walk to lot's of different places to do big take downs. Nobody in my immediate are plays it though, so it got boring and I stopped.

| It's a really cool concept and in my opinion better than Niantics other stuff. It was pretty basic though, so the only reason to play it would be for the social aspect which I lost. Would absolutely love to one day see a better and improved game similar to it though.

Max levels really doesn't take a long time, but it does stop feeling rewarding when you're not planning with people on a big scale.

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