Sell me Cross Code

| I keep hearing it's brilliant. I played the early access some. Dropped it somewhere along the lines, didn't know where to go or sth, seemed too hard. Can anyone elaborate / sell it to me? Lost my save, need motivation to redo the stuff I did.

| I haven't played it since early access either, but idk. It's just a cool game. Nice vibe, somewhat interesting story, pretty cool gameplay for a retro style RPG. I just kinda like it.

| A lot has changed since early access. The skill tree is complete, there's a new arena mode, more missions and challenges, and puzzles which are still very fair and satisfying to solve . Plus the story is much more intriguing now. Also, keeping your combos and ranks up can get much more insane hahaha.
Pick it up again g/u/rl. It will be worth it.

| it has an amazing story.

honestly the puzzle is fun but on later levels it gets so hard and timing intensive that sometimes I wish someone else would solve them for me. I love puzzle but the timing part makes me wish it's a co-op game because yelling at someone is more fun than yelling at my incompetence.

| >>636355
Huh. I feel bad for any friends you might have.

| pvp when

| Played ~40 hours. It's mediocre at best, I wouldn't bother if I were you.

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