FPS and collectathon are the main genres

| If you play literally anything else you're automatically in the Cool Kids Club

| But what if I play fps collectathons?

| >>634491 then nigga, you playing a Ubisoft game, get the fuck out while your brain mass hasn't turned into mush yet!

| Damn. I cool as fuck.

| on what planet are collectathons mainstream nowadays

| >>635838

| >>14a7ab by that logic every game where you collect resources is a collectathon, the whole point of collectathons are having lots of specific limited currencies/items to grab, which all further increase your ability to collect even more of them somehow and are the main point of the game

fortnite is just "grab shit to make walls to throw up in a panic because someone else got the drop on you"

| >>636537
It was a joke homie...

| >>636537
Than games like Factorio collectathons as well?

| Op is big dumb

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