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visual novel sale/general

| I think Gaben wants me to go broke.
Tell me something, before I start spending money recklessly
Is Silver Case any good? Forget that suda made it, try to objectively judge whether it's worth picking up.
The same question goes for 428 Shibuya Scramble.
Apart from that, tell me what vns were you reading lately; what is your favourite way to read novels? On a switch, psp, dedicated chink laptop or vnds?

| 428 is really interesting but somehow I just can't push myself to continue playing it? I think it's more because it has mild lags on my PC though (lags about the same as DRV3, if you need a comparison)

| >>632333 I tried to play the silver case, but got bored real fast. I remember reading the stuff and then having to navigate a character in first person through a tower. Turned me off really fast. Also, if you are on a low spec pc like I was, it won't smoothly. So if you have doubts about it, skip it.

| Thx for the replies, I think I'll grab DRV3 for hoarding purposes, as this game is rarely discounted.

| I heard wonderful everyday down the rabbit hole is good but never actually played it
maybe nows the time

| I beat silver case. Enjoyed it overall. The atmosphere is awesome mostly. But I don't feel like playing a sequel any time soon. It can be a trudge.

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This thread is permanently archived