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Fighting Games

| Whay do you think of them? Either if you are competetive or a casual. What do you think?

| I'm a casual guy, but the only fighting game that I like is Skullgirls

| The only fighting game I enjoy playing is Guilty Gear. Weirdly enough I find it much easier than MK or SF, something about having that freeform combo system and RCs to take a breather just clicks with me. Won't ever go competitive though, too much of a hassle and my potato fingers are a bitch.

| God, I just hope we get a GGStrive port for PC with proper netcode, lobbies and crossplay.
A man can dream.

| I love Smash. One of my favourite games either. I take SSBU pretty competitively, but I'm not that interested in other fighting games. I can watch them and I think they're pretty cool, but not really any interest in playing them

| I mainly play Unist (now Uniclr) it's pretty fun in my opinion. The tutorial is very detailed in it's own terms and fighting game terms in general so I found it easy to pick up and put time into.

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This thread is permanently archived