Which game(s) would you wish would comeback?


| Advanced Wars & Golden Sun.

| F-zero definitely

| Kid Icarus and Okami
None of them seems to expect a new game

| I know Resident Evil is still going strong, but I wish for a comeback of RE4. A remaster or something. Like, I wouldn't want them to "fix" the controls and that kind of stuff, but just new graphics and some new content and stuff would be awesome.

| Definitely the gargoyle's quest games

| halo 1 multiplayer on PC

| >>626315 raise a toast to these two games

| >>626281 Advance Wars has a successor called Wargroove you might want to check out. It's just had a much needed balance patch as well.

| Wing Commander

| Silent Hill but with Team Silent or an actually faithful remaster of Silent Hill 1-4 that doesn't fuck the series over like most remakes

| Silent Hill!

| Halo

| - Suikoden
But not associated with Konami because they'll turn it into gacha or someting like that.

- Devil Summoner: Raidou
Having an action SMT game with new engine would be cool

- AR Tonelico
Just remake/rerelease the first entry and put it on steam, for furack sake.

| >>626578
Oh heck yes, Raidou Kuzunoha. I've always been interested with the Meiji era setting too.

Huh maybe after P5S Atlus can team up with Koei Tecmo again for this

| Battleborn

| Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online and Paragon are two that I'd love to see come back. Paragon has a few spiritual successors in the works, but GitS: SAC - FAO has nothing. There were a couple projects trying to bring it back, but nothing came of them.

| Dot hack series.

| Club Penguin please come back

/I said REAL Club Penguin, not CPR or CPO

| I'd like to see all those cute flash puzzle platformers again someday. Some of them could have been standalone games.

| Golden sun

| Habo

| DEAD SPACE, where is 4? would it be shite?

| Neotokyo. still the best multiplayer HL2 mod

| Scrapland

| Scrapland

| Tyranny, despite not being some old forgotten gem, was criminally abandoned by Obsidian and deserves a sequel

| Command & Conquer. I wish it would at least get a rerelease that makes it possible to play C&C Generals on modern PCs

| >>627685 Shit I loved that game

| >>626765 .hack series is great but man would I love to experience playing the actual game. I heard a long time ago that they were planning to create The World as an actual game but I haven't heard anything since.

| >>626315 Okami was actually unofficially announced a few months ago to be making a comeback from Kamiya's Twitter.

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