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FF XIV Road to lvl 50

| I started the main quest 3 days ago and so far, it's not bad but the story and diversity of missions are lacking ( I'm lvl 3 rn). I've heard from friends that it gets interesting around lvl 50. Give me your opinions and some tips & tricks to grind some exp ;)

| My understanding is that FF XIV is the kind of game that you're just supposed to play through the story as opposed to flat grinding, since its more Final Fantasy than mmo.

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This. The story actually gets quite involved later on, so just take your time to enjoy it. Even though it is true that mechanically the game opens up quite a lot after lvl 50, I'd say it's worth not rushing through.

| 3 days to hit level 3? epic shitpost

| I meant lvl 32 x(

| The road to 50 isn't really that bad. The problem becomes the 100 quest dash after completing the main story (2.X content).

But to answer your question: Palace of the Dead(Schleep) is your best method. Period. You'll be using it for every other class anyway when you aren't doing dailies.

Only other method I would recommend is PvP since you get Wolf Marks out of it. FATEs are okay if you get tired of that, but I'm not sure what the FATE population is like below 70 these days.

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My friend actually has PTSD from PotD now, after leveling a couple classes in a row there.

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Lol yup, that'll happen. It's pretty much a necessary evil at this point, but it's still very snoreville after a while.

| Gonna take at least 3 months I reckon

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