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| Legitimately an enjoyable game which you can progressively get better at. If you have not, please try it out, and if you have, please share how great it is with the world

| It's great. Best game to slack off at work with

| ^ +1

| Minesweeper is great. I love spending ten minutes on a logic puzzle then hitting points where I have to guess a 50/50 and inevitably click a mine.

| I only play to see the day I can find an "8"

| I only play to see the day I can find an "8"

| The music of that game is great, It keeps playing in my heads for hours

| Minesweeper x is a really good version you can skin it and it saves replay files of high scores

| Minesweeper is awesome! I've never really played the original version, but the reskinned slightly more modernized versions I have played are awesome.

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Just do your best, the 50/50 at the end you can get 50% of the time, and you can clear big boards very fast. Also sometimes there's no 50/50. And sometimes more than 1...
Don't get me wrong, it sucks, but it's really not something to mind.

| If you solve it faster you won't feel as bad about the 50/50s because instead of 10 min its 1

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Ehhh 1 min O.o u r fast

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This thread is permanently archived