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Things to keep in mind going to E3

| I've been interesting in attending E3 for a while, especially since I'm actually graduating this year anyway. However I never have been on a trip like this before across the country, nor have I ever been to a convention before.

If anyone else here actually has gone, anything I should know before going? What can I expect to do during my time there? Is it worth even going in the first place?

| Isn't E3 only for press and industry people? I thought it's not open to the public.

| E3 allows anyone in (who buys a ticket at least), which lead to the quite rapid death of its relevance as it now has less and less announced there and is instead just a glorified cosplay convention or w/e yall fuckin weebs call it.

| Yeah, E3 is definitely changing. It was once a purely business convention. Now anyone can go there. Plus, announces are now distilled all along the year, not kept for E3 or other big cons. I feel like E3 is getting less and less relevant. I mean, Sony is out, and others might follow. What's is going to be the point of this big event if the editors won't be there...

| Man, when did E3 become open to the public? I always thought it was closed to anyone who wasn't a dev, investor, or press.

| don't go

| >>620031 It was yes. Until, I'd say 2015. It's pretty recent.

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This thread is permanently archived