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Half-Life series is free for 2 months on Steam

| It's not these "Grab it once, get it for free forever", but it's still enough time to finish all of the games.
TFC is also free for some reason


| Thanks for the headsup buddy.

| Why wouldn't they give them away though? Most have already played Half Life and those who haven't can grab it on sales for less than 10$

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Not only that, but I believe many of the HL games are actually open source content you can get thru the Steam Tools stuff. It is annoying to get... but not illegal.
They should just do like they did for TF2 and make the at least the origins of the franchise open to anyone. :/

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Ah, yes. I love when people complain about developers and companies not giving away their stuff for free.

| >>620203 If they're already making it free for a large period of time, why not make the acquisition permanent during this period like all the other giveaways?
And don't try to play some entitlement shit, with the way Valve has been going this is just a small drop of honey in a barrelfull of shit.

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The fuck are you on about? That last part didn't make sense. All I'm saying is they made a product, and they are selling that product. That's how companies work. Just because the product they sell is a video game doesn't make it different than any other type of product. You don't complain that general stores don't give you free food because they already have so much food. As someone who does game development it's annoying when people don't respect that shit at all.

| >>620235 except they are giving this shit away for free. It's like a store was gifting chairs to customers, except you can't keep them for more than a month.
And I'm saying that Valve gives 0 fucks about Half Life or its sales because they are the owners of a gold mine that gifts them enough profit to sustain India for a decade and it's a fan service move which is meh at best. Coupled with Valve's complete half-assness in the recent years this comes off as a point on a checklist...

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I still stand by my point. This is just to hype up Alyx. Nothing more. They know that people are still going to buy the game after Alyx comes out, because, well, they are excellent games, so wanting to earn money on something they made is only fair, no?

| >>620269 it is a move to promote Alyx in its entirety, as you said. And the bulk of the money will obviously come from Alyx, certainly not the previous parts. I personally think the better option would be to further bolster the pre-orders and initial sales by introducing a discount to all the owners of the previous games, seems more logical than giving in rent for a limited time a game 90% of the Steam population already has in the library.

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So, what you just said, is that they should give a discount on their new game, to essential everyone who buys it? I give up.

| >>620281 yes, the discount won't mean shit when it comes to revenue since the amount of people who would buy the game is much higher, ultimately outweighing the reduced price. Make the discount last before and for a week-month since release to force the players to choose and voila. Easy increase in pre-orders and initial sales for the first week-month of release, which is basically all they care about.

| >>620281 I mean, that's a basic marketing strategy, and it works pretty well. Just seems like better of an alternative.

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No, no, it is not. As someone who goes to school for marketing and economics, I can tell you completely honestly that putting a discount on a product that you know people are going to buy, is insanely fucking dumb. More or less everyone with VR is most likely planning to buy it. People who own VR headsets and stuff usually aren't low income and should easily be able to afford the game. There's a lot of hype around it because it's Half-Life. Discount on it is just dumb.

| >>620331 Oh, fair enough, they do have a lot of cash to throw around.

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