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va-11 hall-a on switch

| i'm deadass considering getting a switch to replay va-11 hall-a. questions tho, does it support shaking the joycon to mix the drink like a true flatender? and does it work with the switch lite? (i'm poor)

| I haven't checked, but I don't think it has motion controls, no. If what you're asking is if the game works on Switch lite, the answer should be obvious. If you're asking if Switch lite has motion controls I believe it does to some extent, like tilting to aim in BotW and Splatoon. If you're asking if Va-11 Hall-A has motion controls on Switch lite, same answer as above.

| Fellas remember back when they announced it as an April fool's joke?

| Vita is cheaper and has baruhara too

| Hold up, you've decided to buy a Switch to replay a game that's not even exclusive to the platform?

| >>619380
Nice goy, isn't he?

| I played it on switch and was verry happy with how it looked,sounded and played.also switch has a lot of great games so i recommend it anyway

| >>619231 as someone who owns both, switch having a bigger screen is kinda nice and Sony smothered the Vita in it's crib so

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This thread is permanently archived