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Do any g/u/rls play on FightCade?

| Wouldn't mind playing some games with some of you that do.

| I played under 10 games of third strike a few months ago when I wanted to learn fighting games

| I suck ass is what I mean
but hey, I still got the software somewhere :3

| I do. Mostly KOF2002.

| >>618977 But the only problem is the connection. I believe the whole concept of connection through ggpo is some shit surrounded by mystery and speculation.

| I also got Melty blood community edition, the online is fine there

| I like to play third strike on fightcade

| I just recently got into it, I've been playing a couple of different games. I kind of want to play some D&D with a couple of people. I have all of the ROMs downloaded. Kind of surprised more people aren't playing the Darkstalker games. I might hop on and find something to play here in a little bit. Should we share usernames here?

| I don't remember my username but of you want to play dark stalkers or 3rd strike I'll play with you I'm curious of the d&d one too so if anyone wants to play some of that share your username

| am >>7a1ae0
sure g/u/rls let's meet ! 3rd strike and dark stalkers are fine by me, heck maybe d&d even. Never played dark stalkers but Bulletta looks cool af. I'll create a new account as I inputted garbage for the last one. I've got a lot of freetime so whenever you guys are free

| I'd like to play some D&D, can we figure out a time to meet on there?

| >>619877
well, when are you free ? I'll push things around to match you guys. Except saturday 25 from 4pm to midnight UTC+0, that I can't push anywhere. Still did not create a new account so I can't give you the username yet

| >>620112
I'm usually free whenever. Sometime during the hours of 4:AM - 9:AM GMT probably would work best for me though. Otherwise I could be interrupted.

| sure man that could work, I can be online at 6:AM GMT, more likely 7:AM. are you free tomorrow 26?

| >>620359
Did you mean earlier or tomorrow morning?

| I meant earlier, but we can try again tomorrow (or even later if required for everyone to check the posts).

ok so far we got three games (d&d, darkstalkers and 3rd strike) and up to 4 interested IDs (>>5b2070 >>7a0626 >>b0b0fa >>6fa458)
let's all post our preferred time, preferred games, and usernames

| I'm >>5e5921 and>>7a1ae0
My username is the angry burg smiley, as seen here >:3

Not free from ~ 1:AM GMT to 7:AM GMT

I'm done to play all three games plus melty blood

| lone bop :<

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