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Another fucking Fire Emblem sword-wielding character in Smash, Samurai why

| I'm just done at this point.

| As much as I love FE and Byleth, I did NOT want Smash to become fucking Super Fire Emblem Bros.

| *Sakurai was supposed to be in the title, I blame autocorrect

| On one hand, I feed on this salt. On the other hand, mildly disappointed. Disappointed, but not surprised.

At least Byleth seem to be uhh a quadruple-wielder instead of just sword? It's not Marth 5.0. Moveset might be interesting

| Mi biggest disappointment is that... Byleth still feels to me like a sword fighter.
At first I was interested because I thought that you would be able to change weapons and movesets with that. Kind of like Pokemon Trainer. That would've made the character interesting... but naaaah, they just grabbed Melee Marth and Joker and fused them together...
I'm out.

| I mean, to be fair, it's kind of a cool sword fighter. But I'm also pretty fucking sick of sword fighters. Like, Jesus dude. Can't you make more unique, interesting characters instead of just adding yet another anime style character with a sword? Like, swords are cool and all, but they kinda loose their charm when there are already 15 characters who wield it.

| Let's just wait and see the next DLC fighters. I don't like Byleth either but not every character is for every player.

| I'm not mad because he is an Swordfighter, I usually love them, but because there are so many unique sword arts that you can't get from just another Fire Emblem rep. I'm sad Nintendo (not Sakurai, he wasn't under Dlc planification) though it would be a good idea to let everyone down with the rest of the characters being so important compared to a new Marth's skin being last DLC. It's like making just a regular Mario the final boss. Now I understand why Nintendo was so silent.

| The next character they add to smash should be Sakurai!

| Give Sakurai a sword!

| Give Sakurai some 4th wall breaking shit where he's just a normal guy, good 'ol Sakurai, but he needs every character he fights against to the point where they are basically just regular people as well. THEN he pulls out the sword.

| G/u/rls, what would Sakurai's moveset be? Maybe one where he pulls out a laptop, and "changes the code", and the opponent's character changes into either a different character, or into a trophy for a set amount of time, allowing Sakurai to deal damage. Or maybe you see him backspace the opponent's damage % on screen, and replace it with a higher value? Or maybe an ultimate where he makes a call on his phone, and Reggie comes from the sky and beats the opponent with his new chair.

| >>616911
*Where Reggie comes from the sky, tells Sakurai to stop calling him because he's retired now, then calls in Bowser.

| >>616911 changes the opponent into another fucking Fire Emblem representative*

| As an outsider, you gurls (nintendo fans) really did it to yourself. You took rumors, unconfirmed leaks, and speculations as a justification to hype yourself for your fav characters. Then, when the character is revealed to be another anime sword boy who nobody expected, you act like someone has lied to you.

After the reveal, I stumbled upon a streamer who were 90% sure that nintendo would bring Dante in. He looked really betrayed and started to play DMC trailers and OST.

| >>616933 last part sounds funny as fuck.
Seriously though I actually expected Byleth to be one of the DLC characters because this has been happening since melee with roy, then ike, etc.

| >>616933
I'm not mad though. They don't owe me shit and didn't promise anything. I just think it's kinda boring. Byleth also seems like a pretty bad matchup for Ness, which is scary if he becomes meta.

| >>616933
I had ZERO expectations, and I'm still disappointed. It's not because that's not a character I wanted or expected, it's because there are too many swordsmen and especially too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash already.

| I think if byleth was in the second pass it would've made people not as mad. this pass was about having new characters from new series enter the game, so even if byleth is a fun character and unique for a fire emblem entry, people are pissed because it's not something more fresh and unexpected. Three houses still deserves to be in smash

| >>616991 yes and no, Arms deserved more the spot of "the newest entry" and many more 2017-2018 games that don't even have music on Smash. Pokemon is much more recent (and Greninja was in development before even announcing X and Y) and it surely can be something fresh cause every Pkm is unique. It was clearly a bad move from Nintendo's side, it's obvious even Sakurai though it was a bad idea since the game's release.

| The character is not even special, everyone feels is 3H or another FE rep, not THE character from 3H, the problem on FE is that few characters feel unique at all, they are pretty generic to have 10 reps

| >>617001 releasing Kamui/Corrin was a good move, Fates wasn't released and it's pretty much why Fates got so much hype until everyone got dissapointed. FE is just living thanks to Smash, but this event shows how Smash can live without FE.

| Kinda unrelated but where did people get the idea that Sora or Dante were going to be in Smash? Like it's a cool idea and would be awesome but was there a leak or just hype around those characters?

| >>617029 Dante was because some actor or producer of DMC (dont know exactly) said something big was coming the 16th of January. Sora because some pages are listing some Kingdom Hearts games and there is a rumour there is going to be an exclusive Switch KH. The same that happened with Overwatch back in August

| Another non-smash player here. I just want to ask you guys, are you okay with them keep adding characters instead of making a new game mode/ new smash? I mean..., isn't the current smash just a rehash of the wiiu smash except that they added a lot more characters? It has been what, 5 years from the release of the original game? Is smash game cycle just that long?

| >>617105
>5 years since original game
Buddy... Are you okay? Are you a time traveler?

We're in 2020 AD. Smash Ultimate wasn't even 2 years ago. Original Smash Bros was 1999

| >>617118 you are the time traveler. It's 20XX. 5 years since the original. Everyone plays Fox.

| >>29836e I meant the wii u one

| >>617120 2XXX here, we play Waluigi which is an echo of Leviatann which is the exclusive DLC of the fighter pass deluxe edition extra big dip number 84 which are based on Fox, get along the times, folk.

Jokes aside:
>>617121 Wii U had completily different assets from those of Ultimate, all animations, models, hitboxes and textures are brand new.

| >>617105
New mode? Homie, Smash is not that type of game. Think of games like Street Fighter or Counterstrike. They have gameplay that is so good that it doesn't need to be changed. Like, bro, you don't add completely new blocks and shit to Tetris, they just make more polished versions of it. That's kind of how it is. They add onto and further polish a game that has perfected the type of gameplay it's going for. What you say is like complaining that the new CoD is still an FPS.

| >>617181
Yep. Also worth noting that every Smash games are released on different systems.

Also worth noting that even the minor changes in each game can greatly affect it. I think Melee is still played in tournaments long after, what, the Wii U was released?

Each game isn't just a "port with better texture"

| >>617195
Yeah, Melee has a strong, hardcore fanbase. It's very different from the newer Smash games even though they're the same at the core.

| Phoenix Wright for smash. I will die on this hill.

| >>741dfa what is he going to do, subpoena the opposition?

| Just make his moveset similiar as the one in Marvel vs Capcom. He was a fun char in that game

| I mean Phoenix Wright and Layton deserves some kind of love in Smash, even as Mii Costumes, we shouldn't live in a world were Sans and Cuphead have a Mii Costume and these two don't.

| I mean Phoenix Wright and Layton deserves some kind of love in Smash, even as Mii Costumes, we shouldn't live in a world were Sans and Cuphead have a Mii Costume and these two don't.

| Hell yeah, he’ll subpoena the opposition and copyright strike them. idgaf what he does but he needs to be in the game because I am desperate for my favorite series to be represented and hopefully stop dying the slow death it is currently experiencing

| At least it wasn't Sora or Bandana Dee. I'll get hyped if they announce Dante or Travis Touchdown.

| I'm just hoping that this timeline will be the one with Reimu Hakurei being DLC for the next pack. A gal can dream.

| Who's this Blyeth guy anyway? He looks like another clone of Marth.

| >>617118

jesus im old

| >>619361 He's a mercenary turned professor that's the protagonist/player character of Three Houses. You choose 1 of the three classes to teach, which means following the path of a specific lord who is head of that class.

| Ungrateful people complain about a party game... nothing new!

| >>619394

...oh. Huh. Thought he was some obscure npc or something that some fans enjoyed.

Not as bad as I thought, but still- reeeee too many Fire Emblem characters, lmao.


| I would have preferred some more earthbound rep. Kumatora, Pokey. I'm not that upset by another FE character Tbh but I get why plenty of people are miffed.

| >>619694
Kumatora could have been cool, though she might just have been another Ness shadow fighter. If they made her different enough though, that could be pretty sick.

| >>619701 Why not add Duster? He would have a ton of moves to work with.

| >>616820
wait until they add a pokemon from sword and shield

| >>620506
Would that be so bad though? Like, yeah, there are a lot of Pokémons in the game, but Pokémons can be very, very unique. It's not like FE where all of them are humans who wield swords. They could add of the legendaries and give them an Okami style moveset, or really just any Pokémon that isn't already in Smash.

| >>620568
3 quarter of FE's 400+ cast would like a word. All the starting rats and birds that show up in every Pokemon generation without a lot of change would also like a word.

They would also like to have a word to Sakurai as to why he likes the sword people so much, but I suppose he's already answered that with Byleth not being generic sword-wielders.

| >>620568
Speaking of Okami, playable Amaterasu in Smash when.

| >>620569
Could you rephrase that? I didn't really understand what you were trying to say, sorry.

That would be pretty tight.

| >>620506

Hey, if its one of the freaky new ones from Galar, it won't be so bad. For example, that psychic pokemon that looks like a witch or something. Spooky as hell.

| >>620614
Ah jeez sorry.

It's kinda rude to say Pokemon are all unique and all Fire Emblem characters are the same when FE has 400+ different characters and only a quarter of them are sword wielder. In the meantime, Pokemon often has repeating patterns like the birds and rats, so they"re not all unique.

God knows why Sakurai likes putting sword wielders on Smash so much, but Byleth is at least meant to make it more diverse.

| >>620665
Ah, yeah. I mean, I get your point, but there are a lot more Pokémon than FE characters, and even the ones who are, as you said, bird or rat themed, they have different types. Like, yeah, there's the normal rat, but then there's the thunder rat, and the dark rat, and probably a water rat or some shit. Like, even the ones who are similar are varied enough. FE swordfighters are just "human with sword" and the ones that aren't are still mostly just "human with melee weapon".

| >>620745
The cast of FE aren't really geared for fighting games, but there's still a large untapped variation in the series, just as Pokemon has a large variation not yet tapped by Smash.

I just think it's silly that the argument against more FE characters in Smash is that "every character is the same" when they don't have to be.

| >>620761
They're not the same. Just too similar for my taste.

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