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Good Story Games on the Switch?

| Fire away, I don't care about gameplay at all but I swear if somebody mentions Witcher or Celeste I'll make the bank operation look like a joke

| I mean, the Switch has some good ass Final Fantasy games. It also has visual novels like Clannad and Steins Gate. I Am Setsuna is pretty good.

| VA-11 Hall-A (obvious I know)
Neo Cab
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Night in the Woods
80 Days
Coffee Talk is coming January 29

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I Am Setsuna is good for...Chrono Trigger nostalgia maybe? But it's pretty weak in both gameplay and story tbh.

On the Switch you could get something like Dragon Quest XI, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (or wait for 1), or even Labyrinth of Refrain (weird game, but the story is apparently interesting, both pretty dark and kinda wacky).

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I Am Setsuna is nothing like Chrono Trigger. Only similarity is their genre. I never finished Setsuna though, I just remember it being pretty chill.

Labyrinth of Refrain should be a good one, yeah. It looks really fucking cool and the little I've seen of the story was really cool.

| ICEY is pretty good imo. Though it isnt really a linear kinda story, and I think its only good if you use Chinese audio with subs.

| Octopath Traveler.

| The Banner Saga trilogy

| Here to third Labyrinth of Refrain. It's the first drpg I've played where the story was so interesting that it made me rush through the exploration parts

| The original Ace Attorney trilogy was ported to Switch a while back. If you've never played those before, 100% recommend.

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