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SSBU predictions?

| A lot of people are predicting characters like Reimu, Dante, Master Chief, Geno. But what do >you think?

| My wish main wish: a female character, either 2B, Lara Croft, Hat Kid (doubt, maybe a Mii costume)or anything
My secondary wish: a Tekken character
What I think it probably will be: Sora, Master Chief, Doom Slayer, some random 90s obscure-not-so-obscure franchise

| Well, since they have clearly stated that no characters that are from franchises already represented in the game, Geno probably ain't happening. Super Mario RPG is still Super Mario. Reiki would be cool, but sounds extremely unlikely. Dante would just be another sword fighter, so I hope that ain't it. Master Chief could be cool, but I feel like Doomguy would be a lot more interesting and more likely, as all the DOOM games are on Switch.

I just want Doomguy, really.

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Halo is Microsoft exclusive though. They wouldn't do that. Sora I guess is a possibility, but I really don't want another sword fighter. There are way too many sword fighters.

| Joker already got in, I'm satisfied with anything

| Gib Touhou. Or maybe something retarded and Japanese like Fate

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I have heard multiple people predicting Dante. But I really don't want that. Mostly cuz he feels to me like is going to be like Bayonetta, but with a sword.
Doom guy on the other hand I'm not too sure. I just don't see how a originally FPS character would be implemented. But it will definitely be interesting to see.

A part of me wants Touhou... but I also want something not japanese for once. If it's Fate, we riot.

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I mean, they have fucking Ness in the game. A character from a JRPG who's attacks are kind of obscure and you never really see how they work, and it's turn-based, etc. Metal Gear Solid is a stealth game, but Snake is pretty sick in Smash. Doomguy can't be that difficult to translate. I mean, a couple projectile attacks, some snake-like aerials, possibly chainsaw and shit as smash attacks, and maybe the grappling hook from DOOM Eternal. Maybe a glory kill type mechanic too.

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Well, Ness have his moves on his game. And it's implied that he swing bats, yoyoes and stuff like that. Snake has a movement of his own, with a full CQC system and other things. There was a lot of material to work with.
But don't get me wrong. I get what you mean. A better example is Duck Hunt... which is... well, duck hunt xD.

That's why I said I'm interested on seeing how they implement him, if they end up adding him.

| My completely off the left field prediction is still Professor Layton.

Reimu would be great though

| Mario's hair will be rendered in individual hairs. Also raytracing in the next console generation.

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Ooh, Layton would be pretty interesting actually.

Kinda doubt that though, Layton doesn't seem to be all that popular now.

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Neither is SNK.

| >>616516 >>616517 either Dante and Sora are characters like Robin, they have a sword, yeah, but that doesn't mean they are going 100% into it. Dante have guns "oh no another gunfighter" and Sora has a lot of magic by his side. Sora on sword means a lot of combos, like a lot of work on a fighting game and unbalacement (maybe that's why its taken so long to develop this 5th character). Also pretty much the majority franchises that are left to include and are relevant have swords

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SNK is VERY popular in certain places. Not in North America and Europe, but just check on Japan or South America. I don't even know how I lived so long without knowing about SNK, when literally everyone I know have been a fan for so many years.

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Layton is pretty well know though, I'd say just as commonly know as SNK. Well, SNK is probably even more known now thanks to Smash, but before that I'd say they were both pretty equal in how know they are (which isn't a lot compared to the other franchises in Smash), no?

| I feel there is something about a 3, maybe three characters/echo/forms? Three "?" On the reveal image, and Sakurai with his fingers either doing "III" or E reverse which is literally 3. I don't know maybe they are revealing 5th (and shadow-releasing it) plus 6th and 7th to make people pay for the dlc already.
Either that or an Etika reference, Idk it's weird to see an announcment of an annoucment and putting his face on it, not waving but weridly a 3 in his fingers or E reversed.

| Welp, we got out response.
Nobody was even close. xD

| Hoes mad

| How's mad

| How m'lady

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