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VA-11 on Android?

| Yesterday I just recommend and gave Va-11 as a gift to my friend on steam
But this afternoon he was playing on his phone(WTF)

The day and night when I am mixing drink in front of the computer seems very ridiculous

| Yeah, it's pretty good actually, not like the many other android ports with UIs that don't work on mobile devices. I actually kinda prefer it over the original for the convenience.

| Yeah sounds like a perfect mobile game to me.

| I have the APK that was published but I won't share it~

| Noooooooo plz share

| They should make a wrapper for the DS

| >>616338 Why??

| Guess I will have to steal the apk from you then.

| >>616578
Because of the gameplay/UI. It's already pretty much mobile friendly. Also being able to play something as good as VA-11 Hall-A on a phone is a great bonus.

| your friend sounds like a 1337 hack3rz if the first thought they had after getting a free game is "can I port it over to mobile?" and I'm willing to bet that they already knew about all the secret drinks by looking it up on some wiki

| >>616728
1,1,2,3,5 I can't ever forget the combo.

| >>616733 the only combo is OPTIONAL KARMOTRINE

| damn when are we getting an ios port because i'm stuck on a god damn iphone 7 and am broke as fuck

| >>616795
you won't be so broke if you got an android instead.

and no, I'm not talking about the os, I'm talking real android slaves that make money for you.

| >>616811
Now that's thinking outside the box.

| There's a reddit post on waifu bartending. You can make the apk by using the installation and some software.sharing it is akin to piracy that's why you gotta make it urself

| That's actually really cool because you get to learn something in the process.


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This thread is permanently archived