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Should I still get a regular Switch if I don't have a TV, or will Lite be enough?

| I could potentially hook up the Switch to a PC monitor and get some headphones for sound, but I don't have a TV to use it with normally, would Lite suffice in such conditions, or is the regular Switch (new revision) still better?

| i heard switch has a joycon stick drifting problem. enjoy your broken irreplacable stick 6 months later! mwahahahahaha!!

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Yeah, on the regular Switch it would be easier to replace, I guess. Is there no warranty for the drift though? Also weren't they supposed to fix it in both Lite and Revised Switches?

| Some games miiight be too small on Lite? It really depends on whether or not that will be bother you.

There's also multiplayer to consider, if that's your thing. Honestly, it's a big plus for me that when I'm traveling I can whip it out and use the attached Joycon pair to play together with my traveling pals.

You can connect an extra Joycon pair to the Lite, I guess, but I can't imagine multiplayer will be fun with the smaller screen.

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Well, it's what, 6.2" vs 5.5"? Shouldn't be too bad.
Yeah, multiplayer isn't something I thought about much, but I suppose even without a TV it could work in tabletop mode.

| Regular.

| Definitely get a regular switch anyway. Easy to replace controllers. And if you do end up getting a TV, Hori's USB controllers are less likely to drift.

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The fact that you have to accept that eventually (and rather sooner than later) you'll just have to replace the controllers is so ridiculous though.

| i imagine the build quality of lite should be better? ie the joycons wont jiggle and rattle since theyre permanently attached and theres no flimsy kickstand

| You'll always eventually have to replace the controllers on most any system. Unless it's smthn like the original Gameboy. 2019 and still going strong! But the Switch is no Gameboy, I think that's glaringly obvious.

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Sure, that's kinda understandable with the regular Switch, I guess, even though half a year or so (maybe even sooner if you're unlucky) for the drift to start sounds ridiculous. But the Lite has the same issues and you can't just replace the joycons there, you have to completely replace the system.

| >>616248 oh, I'm not trying to defend the Switch. I'm just saying that, for that reason, controllers built in to a system sounds dumb. They'd have to be super durable and reliable. Nintendo's old handhelds, such as the DSes or Gameboys had such controls. The Switch? Not the case.

You need a quite common y0 screwdriver and 5 minutes of work tops to replace a stick, what's wrong with you.

| >>616184 well, it is only acceptable because it is not the worst thing that nintendo fans have to deal with. I mean, if people can deal with region lock, paying for horrible online subscription, being nickel and dimed by extra peripherals; they surely can stand paying a few extra bucks for a new joycon.

Well, I played my PS1&2 for years and never had to replace my controller. Maybe it had to do with me mostly only played RPGs.

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Yeah no, with DSes we had LR buttons eventually giving out, and on 3DS the analog stick wears down eventually (kinda starting to see a pattern here)

1st of all doesn't that null the warranty? 2nd, doubt it's as easy with Lite. 3rd, you still need to buy a replacement stick.

Wait, is Switch still region locked? I thought that wasn't a thing anymore. And online subscription is not that expensive at least. Prices on peripherals are ridiculous though, yeah.

| Switch is the least durable Nintendo system I've seen so far.

3DS was actually fine. Mine still holds up for 5 years. Only thing wrong with it was the battery, which I easily switched out with a $20 replacement battery pack.

| >>616393 no region lock for switch, but a lot of switch owners are a fan of nintendo before switch existed. So, they've had to deal with them and bought a region locked nintedo console/handheld before.

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that's not quite a argument, a lot of old consoles were region-locked like Genesis/MD, PS1/2 and Xbox original and 360, the fact is that switch now has no region lock, just like DS

| >>616047 >>616060 I'm ignoring the rest of this thread and only responding to this posts

Yes imo it's worth it to get the normal switch, I use mine with a monitor because the input latency on my TV is trash, any screen larger than the switch itself is good imo because it can sometimes be hard to read things like animations in smash on the small screen (for me)

Stick drift is apparently a thing but I don't have it
there is/was a lawsuit though
Buy a magic-ns and use a ps4 gamepad

| OP here. Wow, the discussion is... Something else. Dunno what I expected.

Does your monitor have speakers? How hard is it to hook up speakers or headphones to the docked Switch?

| I personally couldn't game without a bigger screen, especially with something like the Switch. I wouldn't get one without a TV. I don't even play Game Boy games without a Super Game Boy or Game Boy Player.

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I've mostly been playing regular 3DS and PSP these past couple of years, even my PC screen was only 720p 15" until recently, so I'm more used to portables and other stuff with smaller screens.

| >>616421 my monitor doesn't have speakers but does have a 3.5mm out (unlike modern phones) so I just plugged a cheap pair of speakers in and it works just fine

The switch itself also has a 3.5mm on top I believe you can use while it's docked

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Having audio output on a monitor sure would be neat, huh... I guess I could just stick my headphones into the Switch, but it seems like it's gonna be such a clunky and awkward setup. Only one monitor and only one headset for both PC and Switch, lots of, well, switching around would be required (pun semi-intended). But I *can* make it work, I suppose.

| >>616415 well, maybe not an argument specifically directed at nintendo, but it is still valid for the console culture.

| >>616475 you could plug the out on the switch into the in on your pc, and in audio mixer enable listen to this device

Not sure if there's delay with that but it does exist I guess

| Also maybe y cable, or one with a selector?

| If it makes you feel any better, I play portable 99% of the time but I'm still glad I got regular Switch instead of Lite. The screen size is perfect (though I won't mind if it's smaller) and I can play local multiplayer easily.

| honestly all signs point to a regular switch
>larger screen size for portable play
>multiplayer options as well as wired controller options
>potential ability to hack due to USB plug in
>the ability to replace your joycons if drift occurs
>some games are docked only or only work with disconnected joy cons (think the let's go games)
also there are "sound systems" you can purchase that you can plug directly into your switch so you dont need headphones!

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Don't quite see how larger screen is a positive for portable, might be to massive to freely fit into the bag, more unwieldy and harder to hold for longer time.
Don't care about the multiplayer all that much, same for controllers except maybe pro controller.
Not going to hack either.
Joycon replacement is a good argument since apparently drift is even worse than I thought
Those games are okay at best, idc
I don't have enough space on the desk for GOOD speakers probably

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But even with all that I think that regular Switch is indeed a better choice.
Kind of a shame though, I really like how the Pokemon special Lite looks, it's pretty sweet.

| >>616805 only the early ones can be hacked with fusee gelee, if you buy a new one there's basically no chance to get one of those and you'll have to wait for a softmod on your firmware version

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Well, extending the functionality would probably be neat, if only hacked Switches wouldn't get banned even if you're not pirating anything. Anyway, I'm fairly sure even the new ones will get hacked eventually.

| Some games have way too small resolutions to be played on a Lite, and while it's not amazing portable on a regular, the size makes it decent enough to play. Plus, the TV output helps there.

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That doesn't make sense, if something have small resolution it's better to have it on smaller display, so it's less pixelated

| >>617035 apparently sooner than I expected, team xecutor is working on a modchip for patched & new switched with switch light to come later

| >>617074 it's the same level of pixelated it's just harder to see, I'd take bigger screen over smaller for nearly any resolution

| >>617098
Pixel density is higher on a smaller screen with the same resolution, so the image WILL be somewhat smoother. Might still be harder to see though, you're not wrong there.

| >>617372

was saying it's still the same amount of pixelation but because it's harder to see the detail it might *look* smoother but it's not actually smoother just harder to see everything
Solution is to hold the screen closer to your face which negates the pixel density benefit and your left with basically equal images but you have to hold one close to your eyeballs

Also most monitors are 1080p and the switch is 720p so there's a real argument to be had there

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