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Yu-Gi-Oh thread part 2, magical cylinder boogaloo

| Lost to magic cylinder. Should had followed my gut feeling.

| Better side deck a Jinzo scrub.

| >not chaining Ring of Destruction to force the draw
>Not rocking Barrel behind the Door

See this why you got fucked

| >>616085
Ring of Destruction has an errata you dumbass. Doesn't work like that anymore.

| >>616055 playing with someone else's deck, and it was a single duel because it was 3 AM during the birthday party ending.

| >>616122
Sounds like your friend is a damn noob, get owned faggot.

| >>616200 it's his classic deck. I have beaten them with slightly more modern decks, which says a lot about me and the state of the game.

One of these days I will win with that Gravekeeper deck, abd it's lack of draw power. A hand or card destruction would be handy. Heck, I would take allure of darkness and the chance of going -7 over having 3 dead traps because i don't have Necrovalley.

| Play Jinzo and Royal Decree in the same deck. Set botta and tt together

| I used to play Frog-Monarchs. That deck was fun.

| >Playing Yu-Gi-Oh when MTG exists

| >>616523
>Playing a game that doesn't have quality waifus
What a cuck.

| >>616623
>Knowing so little about MTG that you don't know any waifus

| >>616623 Ah yes,


| Dark Magician Girl anyone?

| Anything monarch is so much fun

| Er... Anyway. We are powering up our toon player. Gotta protect that kingdom.

| I miss playing Constellars.

| >>616987 what stopped you from playing them

| >>617095
I quit playing Yugioh when Link Summoning became a thing as it killed pretty much every deck I was playing at the time. Plus Constellars didn't age too well in terms of other decks. Besides I couldn't play them anymore even if I wanted to. I sold most of my cards except my older collection from the early days of Yugioh.

My only complete deck that I have is varations of the 2003/2004 Chaos decks that I've had since back then.

| >>617124 master rule 5, this april 1st (funny, i know), changes link summoning.

Now only links and pendulums require being linked to links. You can use Xyz, Synchro and Fusion like in Master Rule 3 (pre-link era)

| >>617126
Just was looking into it. I might start playing again. Not sure yet, I'm too poor to really invest in the game. Might play on Dueling Network or YGOPRO though.

| >>617151 you could always buy some card sleeves and print a deck.

8 cards sideways fit in a A4.

The sleeves should be around 7 dollars the pack, which I think is 40 or 50 sleeves.

| Prices and amounts may vary. Living in a third world country with bills that are worth less than monopoly bills sure is fun.

| >>617154
I actually have a pack of Ultra Pro Matte Whites that's never been opened. I actually wouldn't mind printing my own deck and having custom images for the cards.

| >>617155
I'm just a loser NEET that doesn't get NEETbux.

| >>617158 by the way, book of moon is back at three!

| >>617160
Yeah, I just saw that. Also it's strange to see Tribe Infecting Virus at three as well.

| Anybody want to play ygo wc 2008 on nds(emulator)?

| Right now i'm training them against Shaddolls.

Can't wait for the new cards...

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